Home Entertainment Find an easy-to-express outlet for realistic themes, and the original cast returns to “Youth Pie 2” – Teller Report

Find an easy-to-express outlet for realistic themes, and the original cast returns to “Youth Pie 2” – Teller Report

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Find an easy-to-express outlet for realistic themes, and the original cast returns to “Youth Pie 2” – Teller Report

International Online News: Yesterday, the reality TV series “Youth School 2” directed by Li Shaofei and starring Zhang Jiayi, Yan Ni, Zhao Jinmai, Guo Junchen, Jiang Guannan and Han Peiying was launched on Hunan Satellite TV and Mango TV. “Youth School” achieved good results in 2019 with the national popularity of “family fun”. The story of “Youth Pie 2” took over from the previous work, and the original cast made a surprise return after three years.

Photo courtesy of the poster of “Youth Pie 2”

In “Youth School 2”, the arrival of the “second child” makes the family of three of Lin Dawei (played by Zhang Jiayi), Wang Shengnan (played by Yan Ni) and Lin Miaomiao (played by Zhao Jinmai) more warm and interesting; on the other hand, Lin Miaomiao is about to graduate, and she wants to enter the workplace with a new identity of “new job” to meet the environmental changes from campus to society; her three good partners, Qian Sanyi (played by Guo Junchen), Jiang Tianhao (played by Jiang Guannan) and Deng Xiaoqi (played by Han Peiying) also walked at the crossroads of their own lives and started a unique journey of youth growth. “Youth School 2” covers multiple hot social topics that have attracted much attention, such as multiple-child families, career choices after graduation, workplace involution, entrepreneurial waves, and mid-life crisis. Sadness and music, the rich and familiar atmosphere of life has not changed at all, and a typical Chinese family life movement is played in the hustle and bustle.

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Although three years have passed, the healing, upward and inspiring appeal of the “Youth School” series remains the same as before. Compared with the carefree student background in “Youth School”, the teenagers in “Youth School 2” are separated from the care of their parents and the campus and enter the society. They begin to have challenges, troubles and changes, and their smiles are still bright. , there is a deep and firmness in his eyes. Fortunately, no matter when and where, the friendship of the “Four Little Animals” has always been the same, hand in hand all the way.

In addition, although “Youth School 2” focuses on life, and puts the difficulties in the growth process, the differences in intergenerational communication, the daily conflicts in the family, and even many practical problems in the workplace and society onto the screen, it does not affect its performance. Lighthearted humor, warm and healing tone.

Find an outlet for easy expression of realistic themes. While outlining the life trajectories of middle-aged and young people at different stages of life, the play shows two generations of different ages but concentric, enthusiastic in the face of life, optimistic in the face of difficulties, and each other’s positive attitudes. The family, friendship and love that understand and support each other are precious.

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