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First Screenshots of Wild Hearts Reveal Fighting Style Different From Musou – Game – EA

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First Screenshots of Wild Hearts Reveal Fighting Style Different From Musou – Game – EA

EA, which is good at car gun balls, has always wanted to make a difference in the action game market. In addition to the “Star Wars Jedi”, “Iron Man” and the rumored “Black Panther” single-player games developed by its internal studio, EA has also thought of and is good at Cooperation with Japanese manufacturers of action games.


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Today, EA and Glorious officially announced the new action game IP “Wild Hearts”, “This original game will bring a real AAA experience, the design keynote is the fantasy Japanese feudal era”, the first real machine The demo will be made public on October 5.

Heart of the Wild is a new hunting game developed by EA in collaboration with the Dynasty Warriors series team. Set in a fantasy world inspired by feudal Japan, it takes players on an epic adventure, manipulating ancient technology and martial arts. Tame a world dominated by the wild.

In the game, players will play the role of a hunter visiting the “East Land”, using eighteen martial arts and ancient technologies to hunt down the violent beast “Hua Beast”. Take on these behemoths alone, or team up with friends in the hearty co-op mode.

Some new details:

The new IP (not doing “The Legend of the Ghost”) is to attract more players

Hunting style with crafting elements (Karakuri, the deformable trap in the trailer)

Region based (non-open world), supports up to 3 players

EA help release

4 years in development

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It is worth mentioning that the last time EA cooperated with Glorious was “Decisive Battle” in the PS2 era

IGN: Can you explain the crafting system in the trailer? Are you just creating hunting tools, or are you building buildings like Fortnite?

Glorious: Players hunt with a forged tool called a Karakuri, an ancient technique that creates very flexible and creative hunting grounds against mighty beasts. Karakuri can be the type that is built immediately in battle, combined to create a new Karakuri, or the type that uses many different materials to build hunting grounds.

Karakuri expands the freedom and possibilities of hunting, combat and exploration in this game, so it is different from the forging direction in Fortnite, which allows the creation of huge structures.

IGN: One thing that wasn’t quite clear in the trailer was the combat system. Does this game have the looser, smoother combat found in peerless games, or is it closer to the heaviness and necessary precision of Monster Hunter?

Wild Hearts’ combat system combines a variety of highly flexible moves with deep combat against large enemy beasts (Kemono).

Players can not only dash, jump, grab, slide, etc. in today’s action games, but also make full use of the Karakuri system to further improve the performance of the action. Kemono, on the other hand, is a fusion of nature and animals, and it can hunt players with a variety of attacks that real animals cannot.

In Wild Hearts, players will experience a new type of combat unlike anything we’ve seen before in the Warriors series or hunting games.

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IGN: Is this an open world game, or is the game world divided into regions?

Glorious: Wild Hearts uses an area-based system, which we think is a significant advantage for a hunting game that keeps players on the hunt. Each detached area is a large area, and players can use Karakuri to reach almost any point in the area, so it acts like an open-world game, allowing you to actively explore the world.

In addition, IGN also released the first game screenshots of “Wild Hearts”:

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