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Fish Recipes – Check out the best ones to make right now

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Fish Recipes – Check out the best ones to make right now

We have prepared a selection of fish recipes that will surely make your mouth water. In addition, we will share some super important tips to help you make your preparation even more perfect.

What is the best way to eat fish?

If you want recipes with fish, you will undoubtedly have 1001 preparation possibilities, as this is a very versatile ingredient.

Therefore, establishing the best way to consume fish can be quite difficult. But, without a doubt, for day-to-day use we recommend roasting it, like a stew, in the same way that steaming it can also be an option.

Also, looking for more nutritious options like tuna and sardines are great ways to add Omega 3 to your diet, for example.

Tips for choosing the right fish

Undoubtedly, whenever you can opt for the fresh version of fish, it is the ideal way to consume this ingredient. However, we know that this is not always possible. In this way, there is always the option of consuming the frozen, canned versions (like tuna, for example), as well as the salted version (as we usually find cod).

However, if you are going to invest in the fresh version, we suggest you pay attention to some points, such as:

  • Regardless of the cut, always pay attention to the color and smell of the fish, which should not deviate from what is generally characteristic of this type of meat;
  • If you opt for the whole fish, it is important to confirm that the eyes are very bright and the gills must be pink or reddish;
  • Lastly, both fish with scales and fillets sold with the skin on must have the skin well adhered to the meat.
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Types and cuts of fish

As I said earlier, the most common ways to find fish are:

  1. Fresco;
  2. Frozen;
  3. Canned – Either from oil or brine;
  4. Salgado.

In addition, it is possible to buy your fish:

  • Whole: fish in its entirety. It can come with scale or not. It’s usually a great one to be baked in the oven or even made on the grill;
  • slices: They are usually cuts from the whole fish, which preserves the skin and some bones and cartilage. It is perfect for preparations such as moquecas, stews or even being served fried;
  • fillets: Possibly the noblest cut, as it is made only of meat. In some cases, such as salmon, for example, it may come with a layer of skin as well. Undoubtedly it is the best option for grilling, but it can also be served roasted or, after a few cuts, be prepared as gurgeons or appetizers;
  • shredded: Generally more common among salted fish as well as pickled.

How to make the perfect salmon

This is likely to be the type of fish most loved by most people. Even people who don’t like the taste of fish as much tend to like salmon. And we will teach you ALL the tips for the perfect preparation.

Traditional fish moqueca

Undoubtedly, a classic recipe for you to try. Perfect to serve at lunch with the family or on a special occasion.

Traditional fish moqueca

simple moqueca

Now, if you find it difficult to bet on the traditional version, this simplified (and equally tasty) version is definitely perfect for you. Also, it can be a great option for everyday life.

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Very easy breaded fish

It is likely that this version of breaded fish is the recipe that I reproduce the most around here. That’s because it’s very simple, easy to prepare, and the best, it yields super well.

Breaded fish fillet - naminhapanela.com


This recipe is certainly surprising. The mixture of butter with the citrus touch of lemon brings even more flavor to your fillet.

Buttery baked fish - naminhapanela.com

Fish and banana ceviche

Whether to serve as a starter or even as a refreshing appetizer, this ceviche is delicious and at the same time VERY easy to make.

Pasta salad with tuna

Tuna is, without a doubt, a super nutritious fish that everyone finds quite easily (in the canned version). And nothing better than a practical recipe for everyday life, like this delicious salad.

Pasta salad

Fish and chips

This super typical dish in English lands will undoubtedly please anyone who loves fried fish. It’s so juicy and delicious, you’ll definitely want to make it again and again.

cod with cabbage

Yes, cod, even though it is sold in a salted version, is a fish. And so, there was no way we couldn’t bring a recipe idea with him. In this version, you’ll keep your fillets in larger pieces in a simple and delicious recipe.

Cod with cabbage - naminhapanela.com

Tuna salad with beans

Undoubtedly another great recipe not only for everyday use, but also to serve as a starter or to compose a table of cold salads. Easy, delicious and nutritious.

Tuna salad with beans

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