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Floating Islands

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Floating Islands

“My studio is always hung with the works of Christo and Jeanne-Claude – Surrounding Islands. That series of pink dots on the coast of Miami gives me a feeling of eternal dreams, as if I belong there. In this series, I imagine myself roaming freely in this archipelago.”

——Founder and Creative Director of Sophie Bille Brahe

In the 2023 autumn and winter series, Sophie Bille Brahe shines with the sunshine of Miami. With this collection, the Danish jewelery designer expresses her interest in the capital of glamor – a symbiotic relationship between great beauty and poetry with a philistine touch. Bille Brahe is immersed in a city that fills her universe, and her Floating Islands series are delightful works of art, like colorful mirages in a sea of ​​reality.

Floating Islands

Inspired by the images of the Bay of Biscay rendered by neorealist artists, Sophie Bille Brahe presents a dreamlike collection in which diamonds float in the form of clouds in the boundless blue sky. The designer’s fascination with nebula shapes helps showcase her transformative talents. Four floating rings are the heart of the collection, crafted from full pavé diamonds. The Floating Heart consists of 189 pavé diamonds with a center stone of 0.50 carats and a total weight of 5.25 carats. The Escargot de Rêve earrings feature a chain of graduated diamonds suspended from a shell-shaped diamond ring, with two center stones of 0.30 carats and 0.5 carats of diamonds. The pair of diamonds weigh a total of 5.10 carats.

Bille Brahe celebrates Miami’s natural evolution with the theme of sun shining on flowers. Grande Fleur Jeanne earrings designed in 14k yellow gold freshwater pearl flower ombre. The Le Soleil et Ses Fleurs earrings revisit the theme with diamonds totaling 1.12 carats. The Danish designer added a poetic touch to it, with a series of three-piece wrap earrings. Inspired by Christo’s twining trees, Wrapped Perle earrings resemble a twisted Peggy necklace for a never-ending drop of pearls.

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Sophie Bille Brahe creates a dreamlike universe with Floating Islands, like pink islands floating in the ocean. It’s an invitation from Miami in the early 80s, starting with a new two-tone velvet jewelry box.

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