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“Flower’s campus” in Valle Armea and connection with the cycle path

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“We will soon meet the associations of the area and the inhabitants: the goal is that the school campus of the Flower Market is integrated in the Armea Valley not only from the point of view of traffic, but also in terms of livability”. The commissioner for public works, Massimo Donzella, after the news of the funding from the Ministry of the Interior of the third lot, for 6.5 million, went to work with the manager Danilo Burastero and the architect Giulia Barone to create the « Flower’s campus ». “The executive project will have to be ready in November 2022, the assignment of the works is scheduled for September 2023 to finish them by 2026”, continues the commissioner. A time schedule that runs parallel to that of the post-university higher education center that will revive Villa Mercede, in San Martino.

Donzella underlines the importance of the future connection of the Flower Market with the cycle path: «The change of the road network was fundamental to access the financing for urban regeneration. This, and other news, will be illustrated in a series of meetings with the associations of the area and with the residents, who will be involved in this project, financed with money from the NRP ». Valle Armea, in just over 5 years, will become the school of Sanremo: it will host almost all the technical and professional institutes of the city. A “school citadel” surrounded by greenery, with sports facilities already present in the floricultural complex (a climbing wall and ping pong tables will soon arrive). The project also provides for the transfer of the bus terminus to allow students to reach the institutes. Meanwhile, the Political Culture Group of the Workers’ Federation asked for a meeting with the mayor Alberto Biancheri and the councilors Donzella and Pireri to take stock of the third lot and to address two problems: “Take action towards the Region and the Province to identify the most appropriate funding channel to build the 4th and last lot (about 2.5 million) and the strengthening of the office to follow the planning and implementation of the resources of the Urban Regeneration decree. For the 4th lot, he offers availability to be a partner of the Municipality with respect to the announcement of the Compagnia di San Paolo Next Generation We Foundation ». –

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