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For Cecco! The Enzo Cucchi exhibition at the Forte Malatesta in Ascoli Piceno

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For Cecco!  The Enzo Cucchi exhibition at the Forte Malatesta in Ascoli Piceno

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Cesare Brandi thought that Ascoli was the most beautiful city in the Marche, it surpassed Urbino thanks to its noble palaces in travertine – defined as decayed marble, sweet to model in architecture – and its Piazza del Popolo.
Ascoli Piceno is nestled in a gorge in the Tronto valley. One of its prides is Caffè Meletti, inaugurated in 1907 by Silvio Meletti, producer of the famous anisette liqueur. Another treasure, despite the neglect of some of its rooms, is the Civic Art Gallery of Palazzo dell’Arengo – with a Titian and a Parmigianino, The Romantic Walk by Pelizza da Volpedo, Crivelli, Domenico Morelli – which overlooks Piazza Arringo, right next to the Cathedral which houses the surprising polyptych by Carlo Crivelli.

Cecco d’Ascoli and Enzo Cucchi

The exhibition Per Cecco! is a tribute to the great astronomer, astrologer, alchemist, doctor and man of letters Cecco d’Ascoli by the Marche native Enzo Cucchi (1949 Morro d’Alba, Ancona), famous for the Transavantgarde movement, theorized by ABO (Achille Bonito Oliva). It is the first stage of a larger exhibition entitled Ascoli Contemporaneo XXI curated by Spazio Taverna.

Fort Malatesta

We are inside the Forte Malatesta, the chosen room has a large pillar that supports a brick ceiling. On the base of this support you can see iron rings, they were used to block the chains of the prisoners, forced to remain lying down. The artist has arranged a circular structure that embraces this vertical axis, creating an off-axis merry-go-round, where unpublished sculptures are placed, created in collaboration with Pino Allamprese (ceramist from Centocelle). The artistic project starts from the biography of Cecco who wrote L ‘Acerba, defined as the “Anti Comedy”.

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«Here we don’t sing like frogs» recites a line contained in the poem, in controversy with the contemporary Dante Alighieri and his poetry considered “vain” because it was far from the nature of things.

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