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For Mavive, perfume is a “physical” matter

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According to tradition, the foundation of the city of Venice dates back to 25 March 421, the day on which, according to the ancient Chronicon Altinate collection of the eleventh century, the first stone was laid that began the settlement process in the Rivus Altus or Rialto area. , together with the consecration of the Church of San Giacometo. The sources that attest to this fact are shrouded in an aura of mystery, in which legends and myths are intertwined with historical realities that describe the origin of the city more as a long evolutionary process, probably already begun in Roman times and therefore hardly attributable to a exact date.

The Merchant of Venice celebra Venezia

However, the legendary date of March 25 continues to represent one of the most important symbols of the rich history of Venice, which in 2021 celebrates the anniversary of 1600 years ab urbe condita. On the occasion of this important event, the City has organized a rich program of cultural and social events throughout 2021, including exhibitions, conferences and special events, which involve the most important realities in the Venetian territory including The Merchant of Venice.


The Venetian brand has decided to take part in the celebration of Venice and to dedicate to it one of the fragrances of its most exclusive and refined collection, Murano Exclusive: Vinegia21. The project also includes the first of a series of documentary videos dedicated to the most important female figures who contributed to the birth and success of perfumery and cosmetics during the Serenissima. The “Le Donne del Profumo a Venezia” project was born from the collaboration of the Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia.

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«My maternal family, the Barozzi, are one of the twelve“ apostolic families ”which according to tradition founded Venice and were part of the Venetian Patriciate until the fall of the Serenissima in 1797 – comments Marco Vidal, CEO of The Merchant of Venice -. So there are 1600 years of Venice running through my veins and it is with great pride and participation that I take part in this celebration to pay homage to my city, Venice, with an extraordinary fragrance that represents its long tradition, but above all an excellence. to take to the world. The refined raw materials, opulent and rich, and the ancient name of the city, Venice, evoke the history of Venice and combine with luminous facets to create a timeless harmony ».

The strategies of the pandemic

The celebrations in Venice come at a time, the pandemic, which has put companies in all sectors, including cosmetics, in great difficulty. “Since the beginning of March 2020 – says Marco Vidal, general manager and commercial director of Mavive – even before the decree came out, we had activated smart working for those who could carry out their work remotely, distancing, purchasing masks and sanitizers in everyone spaces and from June onwards a free screening for our employees with a serological test on return and a molecular swab on a monthly basis to allow them to work in a peaceful and healthy environment. We have strengthened the video conference system and we have been able to organize national and international presentations of new launches that involved hundreds of operators including distributors, agents and suppliers ».

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