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Forbes’ warning to Milei: “If you do not immediately dollarize the economy, you are headed for failure”

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Forbes’ warning to Milei: “If you do not immediately dollarize the economy, you are headed for failure”

Steve Forbesthe CEO and editor of the influential North American magazine that bears his last name, asked the president Javier Miley to move forward with the dollarization. He warned him that his “revolution for freedom will be heading towards failure if the economy is not immediately dollarized“.

Through a video broadcast on media platforms, Forbes expressed: “Dear President Milei: on your shoulders rests not only the future of your country, but also the cause of freedom and free markets in the world.”

“Last month he gave one of the great speeches of our time at the World Economic Forumwhere he made a strong defense of capitalism and accurately described the threat we all face from modern socialism,” Forbes said in his recorded open letter.

And he moved forward with praise. “In that forum he described very well that if governments do not take care of owning assets as the old Marxist line wants to control the economy and our personal lives. As soon as he took office he did not waste time in proposing a wide range of reforms,” ​​he highlighted. .

“But Mr. President, Your revolution for freedom will be heading towards failure if you do not immediately dollarize the economy, it will not be successful“, He warned.

The editor He assured that Argentina has “more than enough greenbacks to carry out the process”.

Milei was applauded on the plane after his international tour: “Wig, wig, wig!”

“Since his electoral victory, those people who always say no have inundated him with an avalanche of warnings that it is not possible to dollarize the economy. That chorus of detractors who shout is wrong, totally wrong,” Forbes insisted.

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And he once again asked for the dollarization of the Argentine economy.

You can do it right now. Opponents claim that Argentina does not have enough US dollars to exchange them for pesos, but this is not true. Your government already has more than enough greenbacks to buy every peso note and coin in circulation and he has a lot of money left over“, he claimed.

Steve Forbes insisted Milei move forward with dollarization: “You can do it right now”

In addition, the 76-year-old man criticized “those who are concerned” about the dollarization of the Argentine economy and maintained that “they overlook an enormous fact: the Argentines have tens of billions of US dollars hidden both abroad and under the mattress“.

In that sense, he recalled that in the country there are several transactions that are carried out using the North American currency.

Dollarization would end huge inflation, almost overnight, and would allow his country to quickly experience real growth again. Now people only see pain, but dollarization would put an end to their greatest source of suffering,” he predicted.

The Forbes cover for Steve Forbes’ open letter.

He added that to carry out this monetary process, it will be necessary “drastically” reduce tax ratesalthough he warned that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) “will shout that you should not do this because it would fuel inflation“.

Regarding this alleged reaction of the international credit entity, he stated: “They are deeply wrong“.

“Prosperity does not cost inflation. Reducing the value of your currency does. Mr. President, if you do not dollarize immediately the economy will not be successful and that failure will discredit the philosophy of the free market, so necessary for a better world. Yours at liberty, Steve Forbes“, he pointed.

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