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[Foresight review]Entertainment storm Zhao Wei sent a message to be deleted safely | Virus report | Zheng Shuang | Xi Jinping

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[Epoch Times, August 31, 2021]Hello, friends, today is August 30 (Monday), welcome to “Foresight Quick Review”, my name is Tang Jingyuan.

This past weekend, the three most watched countries in the world, the United States, China, and Afghanistan, broke out hot news that has attracted much public attention. It can be said that the amount of information is huge. The United States has released a non-confidential summary of the virus investigation report. The New Cultural Revolution in the entertainment industry in mainland China is still escalating. Not only is the criticism of bad actors still developing in depth, but also the party media collectively responded to this storm with a rare attitude. Out of the latest qualitative.

In Afghanistan, the US military used blade missiles called “blood droplets” by the mainland people to retaliate against the Afghan branch of the Islamic State that launched a terrorist attack.

Today we will mainly talk about the hot news of China and the United States, and see what these news tell us on paper and behind the paper, and what impact it has on the future.

[Virus report: 4 conclusions and 1 significance]

Let’s briefly talk about the most concerned news in the United States, which is undoubtedly a summary of the unclassified version of the virus investigation report released last weekend.

I believe that most of my friends are already familiar with this news, and they may all feel disappointed. The core message of this report is four: 1) The virus was not developed as a biological weapon. 2) Most organizations believe that the virus may not be genetic engineering with low confidence, but two organizations believe that there is insufficient evidence to make any kind of assessment. 3) Chinese officials did not foresee the existence of the virus before the outbreak. 4) Both the natural source and laboratory source hypotheses are reasonable.

From here, we can see that the conclusions of 1 and 3 are relatively affirmative, and the conclusions of 2 and 4 are uncertain.

As far as the first article is concerned, although the intelligence agency’s conclusions are relatively positive, there is one point worth emphasizing. The CCP virus (Wuhan virus, COVID-19) is not developed as a biological weapon, which does not mean that the CCP has not carried out biological weapons research and development. Manufacturing does not mean denying the possibility that the virus originated in the laboratory. These are three different concepts.

The CCP has been developing biological weapons since the Mao Zedong era, with the goal of conducting asymmetric wars with the United States. Former Secretary of Defense Chi Haotian even mentioned in an internal meeting that the CCP has the ability to “clear the field” of the United States with biological weapons. As we discussed in previous programs, the Harbin Veterinary Research Institute has artificially synthesized more than one hundred avian influenza virus variants.

Second, the virus may not have been genetically engineered, indicating that experts have not found obvious traces of manual editing, but this does not mean that the virus is purely natural, right. The last Congress report clearly mentioned Barrick’s confirmation that Shi Zhengli has the ability to modify virus genes without a trace. It is difficult to prove this conclusion without the most primitive data.

The third problem is the biggest. Although the report is relatively certain that the CCP officials did not know the existence of the virus before the outbreak, but the meaning here is obviously vague. This is because the mainland’s institutions related to this epidemic are clearly divided into two sets: one set is the medical system at all levels and the official system such as the Health Commission and the CDC. The other is the Armed Forces Institute and its affiliated Chinese Academy of Sciences and its semi-cooperative and semi-subordinate military biochemical research department.

These two sets of secrets say that officials of the Health Commission, CDC and other departments did not know before the outbreak, which is generally reasonable, but the Armed Forces Drug Institute and the military clearly know more, otherwise there will be many things that Shi Zhengli cannot justify. lie.

The last one says that the possibility of natural sources and laboratory sources coexist. This statement is no different from the public opinion 90 days ago, and it seems to be back to the original point. But in fact, I think it is meaningful, because the laboratory source said that although it is getting more and more attention from the media, it is only a kind of public opinion after all. The publication of this report has at least given a clear official definition of the laboratory source statement, that is, the possibility is equivalent to the natural source statement, which is equivalent to officially removing the “conspiracy theory” from the official standpoint.

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In addition to the above four academic conclusions, this report has one major main content, which is to emphasize that the most important reason why many key questions cannot be answered clearly is that the CCP obstructs international investigations and refuses to share important information.

This can be said to be the biggest significance of this report, which is that the official recognition of the huge possibility of laboratory sources, so it can be used as a legal basis to promote follow-up investigations.

It is precisely because of this that even if the public is generally disappointed with the report and believes that it is suspected of being part of the CCP, we see that the CCP does not appreciate it. On August 28, the Chinese Embassy in the U.S. issued an official statement on this report, claiming that the report was “unscientific and credible” and refused to accept allegations such as “obstructing investigations” and new investigations by the international community. Then, in turn, continue to request an investigation into the United States of Germany.

In other words, the CCP does not seem to care much about the favorable conclusion of “eliminating biological weapons,” and they care more about not being able to continue investigating laboratories. From this perspective, I think it just contradicts the huge problems in the laboratory of the Armed Forces Toxicity Institute. For the CCP, the true focus of virus traceability lies in whether it is a laboratory source, not whether it is a biological weapon, because even if the latter is excluded, the CCP’s pressure has not been reduced much.


Next, we are going to discuss the hot spots on the mainland, that is, the rectification movement in the entertainment circle is still vigorously developing and continuing to upgrade. Not only Zhao Wei, Zheng Shuang and others who are in the eye of the storm have burst out rumors of “run away” one after another. The central party media of the Communist Party of China also collectively launched a new wave of public opinion qualitatively defining the movement, giving many people a sense of “movement is coming again”.

Let’s first talk about the more intriguing latest developments by Zhao Wei and others.

On August 29, Zhao Wei, who had previously been controlled or ran away on the Internet, suddenly updated the news on the overseas social media IG, sending out three consecutive photos, one of which was a toy picture of a childhood cloth tiger, a photo of a fruit tree, and one. Zhang Yun’s light and breezy landscape photos were accompanied by a sentence, saying, “The best season… to chat with your parents, it’s like I’ve never grown up. It’s great.”

At the same time, she said in response to the following fans’ greetings: “Beijing early autumn, the best time to read, nature is a magician.”

Of course, this is what it means to report peace, because it has been completely blocked in the country, so it can only report peace over the wall. At the same time, it also clarified the rumors about her “chartered flight to hide in a French winery”.

On the surface, it seems that the current Zhao Wei is fine. She can chat and pick fruits in the suburbs of Beijing with her parents in a leisurely manner, but in fact it may not be easy. These few safety messages of her were quickly deleted, and her studio account simultaneously posted the stills of the movie she starred in, which was also quickly deleted.

So this clearly illustrates Zhao Wei’s current situation: 1. She has been under border control, and she is not even under house arrest. The possibility of being with her parents is permitted by the relevant department. The price of this permission is if she has anything For actions that shouldn’t be done, her parents will become the target of imprisonment. 2. The security post was quickly “deleted”, indicating that the authorities forbid her to make any voices. This is of course to warn her that you may not be truly safe.

Another intriguing one is also Zheng Shuang in the first round of rectification list. She was also completely banned and was officially fined 299 million yuan for tax evasion. This shows that she has at least initially reached an official conclusion, which looks slightly better than Zhao Wei who is hanging in the air. But what is strange is that her studio Weibo, which had been permanently banned, was suddenly unblocked on the 27th, and then released an apology letter, saying that she had weak legal awareness and was ashamed of the country’s cultivation, and she would learn lessons in the future. Re-behave and so on.

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Regardless of the format and language, this letter of apology is a version that meets the official needs, so some people questioned that it was not written by Zheng Shuang himself. It’s not surprising that the celebrity finds someone to write for the inspection. What really caught the public’s attention was that the apology letter was signed at 3:15 in the morning, while the time posted on Weibo was at 5:15 in the afternoon, which was just a difference. 10 hours.

Why is this time difference unusual? Because Zheng Shuang had previously filed a divorce lawsuit with Zhang Heng because of the surrogacy crisis, the location was in Denver, Colorado, which shows that Zheng Shuang has a close relationship with Denver, and the time difference between Denver and the mainland is just 10 hours.

This led to speculation about whether Zheng Shuang had already run off.

In fact, if we look at it from another point of view, whether Zhao Wei or Zheng Shuang, whether they succeed or not is not the point. The point is that the key stars involved in this storm frequently burst out rumors of running away, which in itself shows that this rectification movement is indeed different from the past. In the past, many celebrities made negative news. The big deal was an apology and fines. Not only did the parties not run away, they also took the initiative to stir up relevant news in order to achieve the purpose of reverse speculation and maintain high exposure.

This time is obviously different. Just as we discussed with you in the last show, this is a rectification movement that takes the entertainment circle at a knife. It is necessary to establish a few “inferior artists” as negative examples, so this is not in the general sense. The rectification of the industry circle, instead of taking this as an entry point, will be an ideological eradication campaign for the whole people.

[Party media rarely publishes qualitative rectification in the entertainment industry]

Just yesterday, the first-line central-level party media such as People’s Daily Online, Xinhuanet, CCTV, Guangming.com, Chinanews.com, World Wide Web, and even military.com. Finance and dozens of local party media followed closely and collectively reposted an article signed “Li Guangman Bingdian Time Review” with the headline “Everyone can feel that a profound change is underway!”

Party media collectives from the central to the local level publish an article from the official WeChat account on the front page. It can be said to be extremely rare. Of course, this is a unified arrangement of the Central Propaganda Department and the Office of Cyberspace Affairs. The purpose is to create deliberately. A wave of strong propaganda effects must be known to the public: this is a heavy vane-style article, marking the arrival of the movement.

What does this highly valued article say? We briefly summarized, in fact, we emphasized three points:

1. The article specifically cited three examples of Zhao Wei, Zheng Shuang and Gao Xiaosong, saying that this storm is a social change in the cultural field, reminding the public to “improve political positions, from the height of maintaining online political security and ideological security.” “Recognize” and emphasized, “Obviously this is a political action, and all localities must understand this rectification action from a political perspective.”

2. The article horizontally relates the recent heavy blows by the authorities in the economic and financial fields, as well as the “common prosperity” policy that has just been proposed to make capitalists tremble, claiming that China is moving from the economic, financial, cultural, and political fields. A profound political change is taking place, with the goal of returning from capital-centered to people-centered and socialist-centered.

3. The United States is launching a color revolution against China through the fifth column within China. This change is aimed at coping with the severe and complex international situation and the barbaric and ferocious attacks that the United States has begun. Therefore, it is necessary to scrape the bones and cure the poison.

You see, if we regard this rectification movement as a new version of the Cultural Revolution, then the weight of this article is equivalent to the “May 16 Notice.”

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Since it is a movement, it is the first step in the process to uncover a group of “negative models” and conduct national criticism. We have seen this batch of “negative models”. If Zheng Shuang, Wu Yifan and others are representatives of moral corruption and corruption, Zhao Wei acts as a representative of business collusion, and even a tripartite collusion between business officials, then Gao Xiaosong has another sign. Sexual significance: He is regarded as a representative of historical nihilism.

On August 28, the Chinese Academy of History, affiliated to the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, published an article entitled “Gao Xiaosong: The Fallacy of’Strange Talk’, No History, Can Only Be Buried by History”, criticizing Gao Xiaosong’s “seven crimes”, including: Whitewashed historical figure Chiang Kai-shek, calling him a staunch anti-Japanese faction; said that the September 18th Incident was caused by Zhang Xueliang, denying the justice of the Xi’an Incident; visiting the Yasukuni Shrine, calling for the soul of Japanese militarism; touting the democratic system of the United States and India ; And publicly saying that “the army under the command of the party is called the SS.” This is slander of the People’s Liberation Army and so on.

Obviously, the criticism of Gao Xiaosong has gone far beyond the “bad deeds” of drug abuse, tax and money laundering in the entertainment industry, but has completely involved the pain points of the CCP’s history of tampering with the issue of the legality of the CCP’s rule. This is what the CCP really cares about most.

On the basis of the concentrated emergence of this information, we can see once again that this rectification movement in the entertainment industry is not simply aimed at the rectification of bad habits in an industry, but the CCP is using it to launch a campaign to eliminate capitalism in the ideological field. Weed, a political movement intended to disinfect.

The stars of these entertainment circles have in fact been characterized as the spokespersons of capitalist ideology, and even hinted as the fifth column that cooperates with the United States in launching the color revolution. Therefore, this storm needs to return to the CCP’s handy political movement mode. To convict crimes is to punish crimes with thoughts, and those who commit wrongdoing should be punished even more.

[2 major goals of Beijing rectification]

Friends who are familiar with the history of the CCP may know that the core of the CCP’s historical political campaigns has been to “rectify people” against specific groups of people in various names, and behind the “rectification” is actually a redivision of power and wealth within the CCP system. This is the reason why we see that the party-administering agency, such as the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, frequently publishes articles and guides the direction of the seemingly irrelevant movement to rectify the entertainment industry.

Therefore, from this point of view, the main purpose of this movement is twofold: one is to use it to attack the major capital forces. We see that the word “capital” is now frequently appearing in various party media articles full of fighting gunpowder. Everyone knows that these capital forces are actually related to the major red powerful families, so the movement itself directly leads to the internal struggle of power.

Another purpose is to use this to strengthen the dominance of red ideology in the entertainment industry, no matter if we regard it as Xi Jinping’s version of singing popular, or Xi Jinping’s version of “anti-peaceful evolution”, or even Xi Jinping’s version of “second time”. The essence of “Cultural Revolution” is not much different, and the purpose is to strengthen his legitimacy, legitimacy and continuity status as the heir of the Red Country. At the same time, it further weakens and eliminates the influence of all non-red values ​​and ideologies on the mainland. The statement of this article collectively forwarded by the party media is “return to the original intention of the Chinese Communist Party.”

In a word: Xi Jinping is preparing for the ideological and ideological field of the whole people to enter a protracted war with the United States, repeating an upgraded version of the socialist transformation in 1953.

Okay, that’s it for today. Thank you for watching. See you next time.

“Foresight Quick Review” Production Team

Editor in charge: Li Hao #


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