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Former President Lyndon Johnson’s Continental convertible up for auction

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Former President Lyndon Johnson’s Continental convertible up for auction

ROME – After Queen Elizabeth’s Jaguar, which will be auctioned on November 26 without a starting figure, now it’s the turn of the Lincoln Continental Cabrio that belonged to the 36th President of the United States of America.

Queen Elizabeth’s Jaguar up for auction

by Federico Fish

Lyndon Baines Johnson, who covered the role of Deputy during Kennedy’s presidency and took his place after his assassination on November 22, 1963, bought this beautiful Lincoln the year following his appointment, to use it exclusively during his free time in the own ranch in Stonewall in Texas (where he died on January 22, 1973).

Now that same car is up for auction on the Bring a Trailer website with a starting price of $75,000. White colour, electrically operated convertible soft top of the same colour, beige leather seats, the presidential Lincoln is in excellent condition: in addition to the adjustable driver’s seat, in addition to the air conditioning and in addition to the AM / FM radio, under the bonnet the powerful 7000 cc V8 with 320 HP still vibrates, coupled to a 3-speed automatic gearbox. For sale with the car, which has less than 26,000 km, also complete documentation including several pictures of the President driving his convertible.

The Lincoln Continental officially went into production in 1939, but the model that belonged to the 36th US President already belonged to the fourth generation (1961-1969). Normally the limousine version was the presidential car, and in fact it was on board a Lincoln Continental – unfortunately the dramatic images continue to remind us – that John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated. On the other hand, the list of VIPs who appreciated the qualities of the sedan and convertible version was long: from Frank Sinatra and Elizabeth Taylor to Elvis Presley and James Brown. Not least Lyndon B. Johnson.

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