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Fox Factory Torture | Deng Chao: The first Spring Festival Gala is both exciting and stressful. Sun Li told me to eat less_Entertainment_Stage_Because

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Original title: Fox Factory Torture | Deng Chao: The first Spring Festival Gala is both exciting and stressful. Sun Li asked me to eat less

Sohu Entertainment‘s special feature (planning and reporting team/graphics) This year is Deng Chao’s first appearance on CCTV’s Spring Festival Gala. This time I came to participate in the Spring Festival Gala rehearsal, but Deng Chao was too busy, chatting with the group performances, and interacting with other artists and friends – adding WeChat with Li Yuchun, making an appointment with Han Hong, and making an appointment with Xiao Jingteng, Make a song with Li Ronghao. “I’m chatting everywhere, and my voice is hoarse when I play.” Deng Chao said jokingly.

And his wife Sun Li repeatedly told Deng Chao to eat less. At the Golden Rooster Awards earlier, as soon as Deng Chao finished hosting the stage, he immediately received a photo from Sun Li. She put together a picture, which is a comparison photo of Deng Chao last year and this year, which made Deng Chao feel a lot of pressure, “I’m fat. From the stage Go up and down and prepare to go back (to eat), (later I still plan to) bear it.” This time, the Spring Festival Gala is even more unable to relax, “Actually, I know she is for my good. She said that such an important stage requires so much preparation. Second, you have to have a good mental outlook and show it to everyone.”

However, Sun Li’s long-term supervision also gave Deng Chao a good habit of maintaining health. During the raid physical examination on “Hahahahaha 2″ earlier, Deng Chao was found to be 27 years old. He had been resisting the physical examination all over his body. Satisfied. All the anxiety melted away in an instant, which was great. Thanks to my wife, and thanks to the audience, for being so tolerant of me.”

Dialogue with Deng Chao

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Sohu Entertainment: This is the first time to be on the stage of CCTV Spring Festival Gala. How do you feel?

Deng Chao: Very good, this day is finally here. Excited and stressful.

Sohu Entertainment: When you received the news, what was your mood at that moment?

Deng Chao: It can’t be said to be a party. I think it is a party that most represents the Chinese people in the eyes of all Chinese, including the Chinese in the world.

Sohu Entertainment: So there is a feeling of a dream come true.

Deng Chao: Yes, because there were some opportunities before, and then there were all kinds of coincidences (missed), so today is the real first time.

Sohu Entertainment: Because everyone knows that when you come on stage, you are very hilarious. This time, are you going to show yourself off to the fullest, or do you want to be a little more obedient?

Deng Chao: I think first of all, it must be performed according to the temperament of the show. Including our favorite Chunchun and Qianxi, we also often chat below, they are (the Spring Festival Gala regulars), I am a first-year student, and the geographical environment is not very familiar. And there are too many old friends, and this mouth can’t be idle. Chatting all over the place, my voice became hoarse when I got on stage.

Sohu Entertainment: Who have you chatted with?

Deng Chao: Sister Han Hong, I have had a meal appointment for so long, this time I have to get something like that. Then Shaohan, because Shaohan is always talking about health care with my wife. Then Chunchun did too. I later found out that Chunchun and I only added WeChat this time. We both thought we had WeChat each other, and we felt that we had known each other for a long time. Then Qianxi, think about it, we even sang “Invincible” and “Slow Motion with Left Hand and Right Hand” with the three of them since 2015. He has now, wow, grown into a big boy, and his film scores have been very, very good. Great. And Rong Hao, who actually wrote a song for me, I said I had to bring that song up. Then Xiao Jingteng, it is estimated that he has been about five or six years. Super brother, can we hit it? I said I could play, so I just played a game with him the day before yesterday.

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Sohu Entertainment: So you have the feeling that you haven’t paid your bills yet?

Deng Chao: Yes, it’s between friends, and maybe it’s because of the epidemic in the past two years, it’s not convenient for everyone to move around, and everyone gets together very excited.

Sohu Entertainment: Sun Li, a family member, also attended the Spring Festival Gala before. Did she teach you some experience?

Deng Chao: She taught that you should not eat too much.

Sohu Entertainment: But now I am very thin.

Deng Chao: Can you?

Sohu Entertainment: Yes, very good.

Deng Chao: She checks posts every day.

Sohu Entertainment: I feel introverted, right?

Deng Chao: Actually, I know that she is doing it for my good. She said that for such an important stage, after preparing so many times, you must have a good mental outlook and show it to everyone. Indeed, she is usually like this, she doesn’t have to say, she doesn’t have to spur me, she put it there, it is a living example. She is such a person, so this twenty-seven-year-old (physical state) is not a vain name.

Sohu Entertainment: Yes, I just wanted to talk about this topic. What health preservation methods did she teach you?

Deng Chao: I was quite resistant at first, I will let you try this for a while, do you think of me as a guinea pig? Because I am from Jiangxi, I have a strong taste, spicy and salty, and now I don’t eat much spicy food. She is asking for the balance of your nutrition, which is actually (providing) what you really need in your body, and it is also very important to have all of your texture, blood type (harmonious), and work and rest. Including the Wuha time (recording), the sudden physical examination, I was very resistant. As soon as you stand on the scale, your height has shrunk. When you think about it, you have shrunk by at least two or three centimeters. How can this be done?

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Sohu Entertainment: What about the weight? Are you satisfied with your weight?

Deng Chao: When you went to weigh the scale in that hospital, did you not dare to weigh it?

Sohu Entertainment: Of course.

Deng Chao: It’s very heavy, isn’t it? Stripped.

Sohu Entertainment: I can’t wait to take off my clothes to weigh.

Deng Chao: Yes, it just feels like I have vomited out anyway, how could it be so heavy?

Sohu Entertainment: Are you satisfied with that result?

Deng Chao: When it comes to twenty-seven, I am very satisfied. All the anxiety vanished in an instant, very good.

Sohu Entertainment: At this time, I should thank my wife.

Deng Chao: Thanks to my wife, and thanks to the audience, for being so tolerant of me.Return to Sohu, see more

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