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Fox Factory Torture | Ma Sichun: The first time I met Wang Junkai was the role status, I was frightened by Fan Wei’s performance_Entertainment_Meng Chao_Zhu Fangzheng

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Fox Factory Torture | Ma Sichun: The first time I met Wang Junkai was the role status, I was frightened by Fan Wei’s performance_Entertainment_Meng Chao_Zhu Fangzheng

Original title: Fox Factory Torture | Ma Sichun: The first time I met Wang Junkai was the role status, I was scared by Fan Wei’s performance

Sohu Entertainment‘s special feature (Shan Jin / Wen Ma Sen / Tu Mengsha & Yuan Hui / Video) directed by Li Yu, starring Ma Sichun, Wang Junkai and Fan Wei, the reality crime film “Broken Bridge” is now in theaters. Ma Sichun plays Wen Xiaoyu. After discovering that his adoptive father Zhu Fangzheng was his father’s enemy, Wen Xiaoyu embarked on the road of finding the truth. In an exclusive interview with Sohu Entertainment, Ma Sichun shared the behind-the-scenes stories and experiences of the shooting.

Ma Sichun said that every scene of Wen Xiaoyu fascinated her, and she was also very immersed in the role. The first time she and Wang Junkai met was the state of the characters, and they even wore costumes when they went back to the hotel and ate hot pot.

The actor who plays Wen Xiaoyu’s adoptive father is Fan Wei, and Ma Sichun revealed that he was once frightened by Fan Wei’s performance. The scene in which Zhu Fangzheng killed Wen Xiaoyu’s biological father made Ma Sichun’s scalp numb.“I was really frightened. I don’t think that was the teacher Fan Wei I knew, but at the same time I thought he played too well.”

The process of filming “Broken Bridge” was not easy. Ma Sichun said that none of the scenes in the movie was particularly happy, and it was her love for acting that kept her going, “You want to feel the pain. Because you are an actor, you want to play this role, and you become her. , her pain is your pain, just bear it with her.”

Ma Sichun described the importance of “Broken Bridge” to her as a “new starting point”She said that she will continue to film in the future, “Many fans will be afraid that I will not film, but this is impossible, because this is my favorite thing to do, there is no one.”

The following is the conversation between Sohu Entertainment and Ma Sichun.

Sohu Entertainment: Producer Fang Li said that after you received the first draft of the script, you wrote a long letter to director Li Yu, and Li Yu cried. What’s in the letter?

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Ma Sichun: There was no full version at that time. After watching it on the plane, I watched it very quickly. Because it was so attractive to me, I immediately wrote about my feelings on the plane after reading it, and when I got off the plane, I sent it to the director. The content of the writing is probably about my feelings about Xiaoyu, and I will tell the director some of my own stories.

When my own stories happened, some of my handling methods were actually very similar to Xiaoyu in some ways. Every scene and every point of her will make me feel very fascinated, and I have a strong urge to play her.

Sohu Entertainment: In the process of experiencing life, what is the most impressive thing for you?

Ma Sichun: Learn motorcycles. As you can see in the movie, I ride the flat road and Meng Chao sits in the back, but the difficult mountain road is basically driven by Meng Chao, and Xiao Kai rides better than me.

Sohu Entertainment: Did Wang Junkai teach you some Sichuan dialect? He himself is from Chongqing.

Ma Sichun: Yes, but there is a problem. My Sichuan dialect teacher is from Chengdu, and Xiaokai is from Chongqing, so basically what they teach me is different in many ways. I said that the teacher told me that this is not the case, and Xiao Kai said that if you follow me, what I said is right, and there will be some disputes between the two sides. But it seems that I listened to them, and I seemed to be a little bit more Chongqing.

Sohu Entertainment: Meng Chao initially said that Xiao Yu is very similar to his sister, and then in the last scene, Meng Chao said that I like her. How do you understand the relationship between Meng Chao and Xiaoyu?

Ma Sichun: I think the feeling of the two of them is that all emotions are mixed in it, such as family affection, comrade-in-arms friendship, love, and all kinds of feelings. I think the bigger thing is the so-called love and morality, which are all in it. So it’s hard to describe the two of them with a certain kind of pure emotion, because the two of them live and die together, and they are born into death.

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Sohu Entertainment: Xiaoyu received a call from Zhu Fangzheng inviting him to his birthday at the gate of the police station. She was planning to call the police, why did she finally decide to deal with Zhu Fangzheng herself?

Ma Sichun: The more you love someone, the more you hate someone. If it was a stranger, I would have called the police that day. But this guy is my adoptive father, so I have to do this for my own dad.

Sohu Entertainment: Many movies are shot in long shots. The longest scene was shot for more than 40 minutes, right?

Ma Sichun: Shouldn’t it be more than that? Almost possible.

Sohu Entertainment: Will this kind of long-lens filming be difficult in terms of performance?

Ma Sichun: No difficulty. It’s the happiest thing for an actor, because you have complete freedom to play. The director and cameraman will give you plenty of room.

Sohu Entertainment: Mr. Fan Wei is playing a villain this time. Many of his performances give people a feeling of numbness on the scalp. Do you feel this way when you play against him at the scene?

Ma Sichun: Of course. What impressed me the most was that what he really scared me was what I saw in the video, the one he killed my biological father, the look in his eyes when he pulled down the gate, he looked at Ju Huaiyi at that time. At that time, a surveillance camera was filming him, and his eyes were staring straight at him. The moment I pulled it down, I was really frightened. I don’t think that’s the teacher Fan Wei I know, but at the same time I think he plays too well.

Sohu Entertainment: When the two of you are on the scene, will you exchange some questions about performances?

Ma Sichun: Occasionally, Teacher Fan Wei will tell me what he will do next. But every time my reply is Mr. Fan Wei, I don’t know how I will act next. Because Mr. Fan Wei is a combination of experience and skills. I don’t think I’ve reached his level yet. I’m basically experiential, so I don’t know what I’m going to do next. If I perform it many times, I may have a different performance many times.

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Sohu Entertainment: So when you and Wang Junkai met for the first time, were you in the state of Xiaoyu and Meng Chao?

Ma Sichun: Yes.

Sohu Entertainment: You will always maintain that state when you are on the scene?

Ma Sichun: Yes, we wore costumes even when we went back to the hotel. I think that during that time, he became a (character), and he was Meng Chao. I never thought he was Xiao Kai. We went out to eat hot pot and we both were in costumes, during that time, neither of us was ourselves.

Sohu Entertainment: Are there any moments that make you too painful because you are too deeply involved in the play?

Ma Sichun: In the whole play, in fact, to be honest, I don’t think any one play is particularly happy. I won’t say that after a play, I’ve been crying for a long time, the kind that I can’t get out of, never. But your state at that time was actually a very sad state, because at that time I was Wen Xiaoyu.

Sohu Entertainment: The role of Xiaoyu, her experience was quite painful. When you were filming, what made you persevere?

Ma Sichun: Love for acting. You just want to feel the pain. Because you are an actor, you want to play this role, you become her, her pain is your pain, just go with her to bear it.

Sohu Entertainment: I think you have paid a lot for this role, and now the effect is very good. How would you describe the importance of “Broken Bridge” in your entire career?

Ma Sichun: A new starting point.

Sohu Entertainment: What kind of evaluation do you hope it will get? What kind of rating do you hope it gets you?

Ma Sichun: No need. I am satisfied myself.

Sohu Entertainment: Do you have any plans for your future plans?

Ma Sichun: Just continue filming. I think you may be asking this question because many fans will be afraid that I will stop filming, but that’s impossible, because it’s my favorite thing to do, no one.Return to Sohu, see more

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