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Francos, “Toto” Caputo and Posse make numbers to unblock the “Bases Law”

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Francos, “Toto” Caputo and Posse make numbers to unblock the “Bases Law”

The government of Javier Milei will insist on the Bases Law. And he does not intend to modify the content of the articles. However, you will avoid sending the entire project in a single package to open a negotiation in chapters. Thus they aim to achieve the objective before May 25, the self-imposed date for the call “May Pact”. To achieve this, the president delegated dialogues with the governors to three executive officials. Even with the uncertain chapter, Milei regained oxygen while looking askance at the Supreme Court for the DNU that is still in force, given that Congress neither approved nor rejected it.

Those in charge of reaching a good port will be the Chief of Staff, Nicolas Posse, the Minister of the Interior, Guillermo Francos and the Minister of Finance, Luis Caputo. In that sense, the meetings between the three have already begun to sharpen the Budget pencil and achieve the support of Congress in exchange for fiscal issues and the transfer of funds by the National Treasury. That trident will be the one that receives the governors this Friday, March 8 at Casa Rosada.

Both the Government and the provincial leaders They avoid talking about a “give and take”, but the truth is that everyone is waiting for the first meeting to talk about money. It was the head of the Budget commission, José Luis Espert, who confirmed that the articles will be the same, but they will seek to advance them in parts.

The communion of Javier Milei and the red circle, behind the May Pact

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Governors, between needs and the possibility of negotiating

“If they are willing to make modifications, it will work out,” said the governor of Córdoba this Sunday. Martin Llaryora. “But, “Why would someone who voted one way vote differently if there are no changes, let’s see, tell me.”he added in dialogue with Public opinion (Canal 9).

On the official side, Francos himself crossed it in radio Splendid: “The position of the governor of Córdoba does not seem positive to me. We must go with the intention of seeking points of agreement and coincidence.“said the Minister of the Interior.

As far as he could know PROFILE The idea that the national government has is to begin negotiating different economic situations that pressure provincial leaders to manage to distort the ideas of the rebels, although they trust that now the situation will be different. “We have more time to negotiate. EThey already know what the law is about. We are going to have to be more comprehensive. We have no problem adding or subtracting some key issues. But the law is necessary to follow the economic plan,” acknowledged a Casa Rosada official before this portal.

Javier Miley.

“We have a clear direction. Before June we are going to show the first results against inflation. And Milei’s order is clear: everything is audited. Where there are no clear roles, it is cut. And that’s what we’re doing,” added the same source.

“We don’t make any more predictions”

Given the new idea of ​​seeking approval of the same law but with this scenario, is a positive result closer for the ruling party? A Treasury official denied it before PROFILE: “We had everything ready for it to come out and it fell apart. We don’t make any more predictions. We will see the new panorama when we meet with each of them.”

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On the other hand, one of the strongest phrases was that of the governor of Chubut, Nacho Torres: “In personal terms, I am a human being and it is very difficult sometimes to turn the page when we have been so attacked.”

However, the Chubut native celebrated the call to the May Pact and assured that he will attend the previous meeting at Casa Rosada: “As a leader I have the responsibility of putting what is important above anything,” he reflected. Before, on March 7, he hopes that the president will participate in the meeting of governors that will be held in Puerto Madryn.


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