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Fresh Power | Dialogue with Youth Hello Hu Yating: How can young screenwriters strive to grow? _Original work_Works_Characters

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Fresh Power | Dialogue with Youth Hello Hu Yating: How can young screenwriters strive to grow? _Original work_Works_Characters

Original title: Fresh Power | Dialogue with Youth Hello Hu Yating: How can young screenwriters strive to grow?

For a film and television work, the script is the foundation and the key to determining the quality of the work.

No matter how advanced the director’s lens language is. No matter how exquisite the performance of the actors, no matter how sophisticated the scenes and service, no matter how sophisticated the industrialization level in the later stage, they may be destroyed because of script problems.

From this perspective, screenwriters are undoubtedly the soul of the play. They are not only engaged in pure literary creation, but also need to consider all aspects to help the entire crew achieve full-link cooperation through the script.

to this end,cooking fresh(pengxx01)special plan【Fresh Power】topic, aimed at Dialogue with Industry ExcellenceShow young creators, explore their creative characteristics, escort the original growth of the industry, and help them grow into towering trees as soon as possible. At the same time, we also welcome everyone to recommend more relevant objects, so as to jointly contribute to the vitality of the energy storage industry.

In this article, let us meet the young screenwriter Hu Yating.She is from Beijing Youth Hello Culture Media Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as: Hello Youth), has participated in the creation of many well-known works of the company. During March, Hu Yating relied on“The Name of Ice”Received awards in the industry and received affirmation and encouragement from seniors.

At this stage, the new dramas he participated in creating“Welcome to Mai Le Village”Filming is underway. The play is directed by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television. Liang Zhenhua is the chief producer and chief screenwriter, Zheng Xiaolong is the art director, Jin Ye is the director, and Hu Yating and Zhang Xian are the co-screenwriters.

“Honey, it’s good to just relax. You can put pressure on yourself, and you have to learn to release it.”

This young screenwriter has Strong emotional perception, psychological perception and surrounding observationI can instantly see the author’s inner dilemma, and I can also comfort him with a simple sentence.

Since entering the industry, Hu Yating has successively participated in the creation of different themes such as “Walk Together”, “Three Lives and Three Worlds Pillow Book”, “Ideals Shining on China” (three units), “The Name of Ice and Snow”, “No Loss Today”, “Welcome to Mai Le Village” and so on. type of works, and in the continuous accumulation of experience, the playwriting techniques are becoming more and more mature.

According to Douban, five dramas that have been aired The average score is around 7the output can be described as quantitative and qualitative.

Now, when “Welcome to Mai Le Village” is entering the filming period, the author chatted with Hu Yating about his work and growth. In the process, I can deeply feel, The creative enthusiasm, executive power and a drive of “must succeed” of contemporary young filmmakers

Hu Yating

Try IP film and television——

“Three Lives Three Worlds Pillow Book” “Blood Together”

Speaking of which, IP adaptation is an important part of Hu Yating’s growth process. She has participated in the film and television adaptation of novels and animation IP, and the restoration and presentation of real groups. Among them, “The Pillow Book of Three Lives and Three Worlds” is an early challenge work.

The time when Hu Yating received the task was very close to the start date. She had to quickly digest the original work and find a suitable adaptation method. That is, how to fully combine the world view in the original work with my own experience in literature and history, and present a story that combines fantasy, imagination, and common human emotions.

Fortunately, at this time the project has a complete framework.According to Hu Yating, in the face of the complex narrative structure of the original work and the author’s casual writing logic, Liang Zhenhua, the founder of Youth Hello, once led a team to dismantle the plot in detail like doing academic research, and then Along the timeline, reorganize a set of cluesand then according to the logic of the play, the main point of view was extracted-the sadomasochistic relationship between Emperor Donghua and Feng Jiu.

After the skeleton is supported, what Hu Yating has to do is to fill it with blood and flesh.enter this link“Addition and subtraction” is still an important part of the adaptation.point.

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Taking the most colorful “Alan Ruo’s Dream” in the book as an example, after discussion, Hu Yating and her team simplifies the presentation logic of the dream, and highlights the emotional sublimation of the hero and heroine in a way full of strong contrast.

“According to the research results, we retained the famous scenes of the original work, and made a more rational adaptation, adjusting the details of the characters and the atmosphere of the scene to achieve a more intense emotional output effect.”

If “Three Lives Three Worlds Pillow Book” taught Hu Yating the “intellectual property” of IP film and television trade-offs“, then “Hot Blood” taught her to Laying increments, transforming role perspectives, and portraying changes in the times

In view of the fact that the original work “Yanshi Fan” is a comic with fewer plots than literary IPs, Hu Yating and her team first extended the story elements when adapting this work.

They extracted the “sense of youth” from the original work, with Chong Liming and A Yi as the protagonists, supplemented by supporting roles of different styles, and added a large number of historical stories to create a group portrait of young people in a special era.

When it comes to group portraits, it is necessary to show everyone’s different personalities and character arcs, which requires screenwriters to enter everyone’s spiritual world. During this period, Hu Yating gradually learned how to cut herself apart, Standing in the perspective of the characters, presenting their thinking patterns and mental activities

“In the past, when I wrote about the noble Princess sitting and chatting with a commoner woman, my predecessors reminded me that I should pay attention to the wording of the dialogue between the two identities. Don’t take it for granted, and use a more comprehensive way to understand the characters, figure out the behavior and lines of the characters. I will now and The team said, when writing a play, don’t put yourself into the role, because they may be stronger than you, don’t put your own shortcomings on the role.”

Besides, to show the characteristics of the times, in addition to using real events to extend the historical context, the details of the relationship between characters and fate must also fit the setting. The sudden “offline” of the heroine in the play shocked the audience, but this is in line with the logic of the series, and even has an unexpected effect.

Hu Yating shared that during the promotional period of “Hot Blood Together”, Youth Hello produced many small Easter eggs related to history. On the one hand, it helps the audience better understand the story; on the other hand, it spreads historical knowledge and fulfills the social responsibility of film and television dramas.

Presenting real events——

“Ideal Shines on China” “The Name of Ice and Snow”

With the experience of “Three Lives Three Worlds Pillow Book” and “Walk Together”, Hu Yating has gradually mastered the method of IP film and television. And ahead, there are new experiences waiting for her – presenting real events.

Compared with literature or animation IP, the adaptation of real events is more difficult. In order to ensure professionalism and rigor, screenwriters need to collect a lot of material in the early stage. However, many fields are kept secret to the outside world, which sets a very high threshold for screenwriter creation.

In this regard, Hu Yating’s approach is: Adhere to the goal of completing the task, and the execution method can be changed arbitrarily

A notable case is the theme masterpiece “Ideal Shines on China”. Hu Yating is the screenwriter of the three units of “The Fifty-fifth Letter”, “The Next Hundred Years” and “Looking at the Starry Sky”. Relevant topics are specific, and the obstacles Hu Yating encounters are also different.

“The Fifty-fifth Letter” is “finding people + confirming”. When the producer found Hu Yating, none of the real descendants of the protagonist Chen Yi’an had authorized the completion. In this regard, Hu Yating gave priority to identifying the provinces where Chen Yi’an’s descendants might be located, and then found friends who had worked with them in the local area, then contacted the functional departments, and finally successfully met the descendants themselves, and communicated to complete the most important signing process.

“The Next Hundred Years” is “material + scene”. As a state-level confidential unit, the cultural relic restoration department is a unit that is difficult for ordinary people to get in touch with. The cultural relic restorers are also extremely low-key experts and rarely appear in public. In order to accurately restore the scene and the prototype characters, Hu Yating finally obtained the consent of the relevant departments and the prototype characters through continuous sincere communication in a snowball manner, and obtained the shooting authorization for the crew. And by consulting experts, the main line of the story was adjusted from “master-student confrontation” to “master-student inheritance” to make it more in line with the real situation.

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In this way, in terms of content presentation, “The Next Hundred Years” accurately portrays the craftsman spirit of cultural relic restorers passed on from generation to generation; at the same time, in terms of shooting, it became the only one after “The Last Emperor” that was shot in the real Forbidden City. film and television works.

“Looking at the Starry Sky” is a very special chapter. It needs to complete the script, shoot and broadcast in a very short period of time. Therefore, the screenwriting work must be completed in collaboration with the director and producer from the beginning. Hu Yating understands the manned spaceflight project through long-term communication with retired astronauts and delving into a large amount of data, understands the particularity of the astronaut group, understands their life logic and state from the inside out, makes the script conform to the industry logic but has unique emotions charm.

In terms of professionalism, in view of the fact that aerospace themes involve a large number of starry sky shots, in order to ensure the scientific rigor of the pictures, Hu Yating deliberately contacted a blogger named “Space Views” and asked him to proofread the details of the images throughout the process, confirming that each constellation and each The brightness and position of the stars are consistent with the actual observation pattern.

“Different problems require different approaches,” Hu Yating said.

The 5th Initial Heart List “Five Young Screenwriters of the Year” – Hu Yating “The Name of Ice and Snow”

There is also “The Name of Ice and Snow”, in order to complete this Winter Olympics tribute drama within a limited time and ensure the authenticity of the drama. Before creating, Hu Yating and her partners had in-depth exchanges with the athletes and became familiar with their daily training, daily life and emotional world. At the same time, I read various texts, sorted out the development history of China’s ice and snow sports, and watched competition videos to learn professional terminology and action routines.

This kind of creative attitude has made Hu Yating recognized by the industry. With “The Name of Ice and Snow”, Hu Yating successfully won the top five young screenwriters of the fifth annual list of initial hearts.

Welcome to a new experience——

“No Negative Today” “Welcome to Mai Le Village”

“I am not the kind of person who is particularly spiritual in creation. My talent may be in communication and coordination or other aspects, but I have worked really hard for more than ten years. Give up, and just keep going. This is where I am not sure about others, and I don’t have much time for internal friction.”

As the themes she tried became more and more abundant, Hu Yating showed a characteristic, It seems that as long as she is given a goal, she can find all kinds of ways to achieve the final result

Thinking about it now, with this effect, oneIt is the company atmosphere that emphasizes text creation and the serious cultivation of young creators; the second is solid text ability;The third is one’s own character.

Hu Yating said that when she first wrote the script, Liang Zhenhua would adjust it word by word, ranging from the setting of the scene to the words of the lines. In this kind of polishing, Hu Yating learned more precise drama expression, and also felt the meticulous and perfect attitude of her predecessors.

Professional skills and ingenious attitude are the foundation of youth hello

Based on these two points and the company’s continuous exploration, Youth Hello has produced excellent works frequently in the past two years, and Hu Yating has also ushered in more diverse experiences.

On September 10, 2022, the movie “No Lost Today” will be released on all platforms. The film is produced by Liang Zhenhua, with Mo Yan and Yu Hua as art directors and stars, directed by Zhao Xiaoxi and Zhao Xiaoou, and written by Liang Zhenhua and Hu Yating. a meaningful symphony. It is composed of three stories from different eras in series, forming a long and exciting song of the inheritance of teachers and morals.

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Participating in the creation of this work, Hu Yating gained two new experiences.

One is the screenwriting method of the film. Drama is the art of screenwriting, and film is the art of directing. When writing the script of “No Lost Today”, Hu Yating had to consider the use of light and shadow and the deep meaning of the lens, and minimize the lines. After the whole work, her artistic sense has been greatly improved.

The second is to be an executive producer. Hu Yating participated in the communication and filming of part of the Beijing section of “No Loss Today”, including filming on the campus of Beijing Normal University, borrowing Wang Zikun’s real textbooks from the school library, communicating and coordinating with the doctorate writing blackboard writing, and personally selecting group performances, etc.

Youth hello went to Africa for inspection

April 27, 2023 The first drama series “Welcome to Mai Le Village” about the Chinese foreign aid medical teamOfficial start. As a special work commemorating the 60th anniversary of “Foreign Aid Medical Care”, “Welcome to Mai Le Village” is a key TV drama project of the “14th Five-Year Plan”, guided and supported by the National Health Commission and the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television.

During the preparation period of this drama, together with the team, Hu Yating set foot on the African continent and conducted a field trip for about a month.

The closer it is, the more vivid it is. Under close contact, Youth Hello has a deeper understanding and understanding of the African medical team and Africa, and combined with actual materials, it helps the script creation to be more refined.

Looking forward to “Welcome to Mai Le Village” meeting with the audience as soon as possible.

Finally, let’s pass through the theme-specific【Fresh voice three questions】In the session, listen to Hu Yating’s voice as a young screenwriter.

[Three Questions from Young Screenwriters]

Hu Yating

Cooking Fresh: As a young screenwriter, how to maintain creative energy and enthusiasm?

Hu Yating: Observe more and accumulate more in life, draw creative inspiration, keep reading and creating, and maintain sensitivity and familiarity with words. Every screenwriter will suffer from exhaustion of inspiration. When I am tired of creation, I am the same. It is equally important to take a break and adjust ourselves in a timely manner. Do some fresh attempts to open ourselves up and make our creation more diverse and multi-faceted.

Cooking Fresh: How do young screenwriters grow up quickly?

Hu Yating: As a screenwriter, you must continue to create without interruption. Don’t let your creative hand stop. You must work hard to maintain this writing feel. Practice makes perfect. At the same time, you can try a variety of different subject types. Don’t refuse the opportunity to try because you are afraid. Even if you have not set foot in the field, maybe after this attempt, you will find that your specialty is just here. Slowly Slowly, you will find that you are good at more and more types, and you can grasp more and more content. Secondly, we must maintain our curiosity, dig out the material in life, grasp every inspiration, and keep the ability to record and share at all times.

Cooking Xiaoxian: What are the necessary conditions to become an excellent screenwriter?

Hu Yating: I think an excellent screenwriter must have a steady stream of creative desires, and have things and ideas that he wants to express. He cannot have an empty head and no desire to express. Secondly, you must have a relatively solid ability to express words. This ability can be continuously improved in practice, so you must practice hard and often, and you will see the rewards of hard work. Then we need to have the courage and belief to keep trying. If we can’t do well with one theme, we can try other ones, find our true strengths, and transform them into abilities. This requires repeated attempts, and there may be moments when we hit a wall, but Never give up easily.

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