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Friends revealed that Tom Holland wants to become the next James Bond

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In view of the official curtain call of Daniel Craig’s version of James Bond in “No Time to Die”, the outside world has recently begun to speculate about who will be the next “007”. After Henry Cavill, Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson and others were mentioned, the latest and most interesting subject of discussion is the current “Spiderman” Tom Holland.

The news originated from GQ’s recent Men of the Year series. Jacob Batalon, who played Peter Parker’s best friend in the MCU, said in an interview: “He (Tom Holland) “often” talks about becoming James Bond.” Although it is only an interview clip, As soon as the news came out, there was still a lot of discussion. The entertainment media Screen Crush commented in the news, “He is a British and a good actor, has athletic ability, and can do martial arts stunts. He has all the main conditions to become James Bond.” Another media, Screen Rant, analyzed Daniel. Although Craig was 38 years old when he filmed “Casino Royale” for the first time (the 007 part: Royal Nightclub), the character may need a younger and less experienced interpretation in the future. Considering the current popularity of Tom Holland, he There is indeed a good chance to become the next James Bond.

Despite the continuing rumors, according to Barbara Broccoli, the producer in charge of the James Bond series, recently revealed that “the casting of the new film will not be decided until 2022.” Therefore, the discussion on the “new 007” still needs to be tracked and confirmed in the future.

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At the same time, in the same interview, Tom Holland also said, “If I was still playing Spider-Man after I was 30, I would have done something wrong.” For more details, please go to read.

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