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From 5,000 to 50,000, there is always one you like in these 6 styles|blue disk|wristwatch|trend_Sina Fashion_Sina

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From 5,000 to 50,000, there is always one you like in these 6 styles|blue disk|wristwatch|trend_Sina Fashion_Sina

Original Title: Blue Disk Collection 丨 From 5,000 to 50,000, from Tissot to Cartier, there is always one you like among the 6 models!

Author: Wanbiao Watch Exchange

What color palette goes best with spring?

The answer should be what you think it is, green. But when everyone wears a green watch, it means that the chance of hitting the watch will be greatly increased. If you don’t want to compete for looks and outfits when you’re competing with others, then change your mind, such as choosing a blue plate.

Blue is a vibrant color, which matches well with the vibrant spring. Here are 6 blue dial watches, ranging from 5,000 to 50,000, from light luxury to luxury brands. There is always the one you want. payment!


  Tissot TISSOT

  Grace Series T127.407.11.041.00 Mechanical Men's Watch Grace Series T127.407.11.041.00 Mechanical Men’s Watch

Compared with Le Locle and Durul, the Demeanor series is a more niche existence among Tissot watches. Its appearance is not inferior to the popular series, and the probability of hitting the watch is lower.

The dual cool color combination of blue and silver makes the watch look more elegant; the design of the bar scale and the sword-shaped three-hand needle is simple and elegant; the Tissot POWERMATIC 80 movement can be seen through the transparent case back, and the dynamic storage Up to 80 hours, wearing this Tissot for short-term travel will give you enough sense of security.


  Switzerland Cuervo CYS

  Historian 3195.1BL Mechanical Men's Watch Historian 3195.1BL Mechanical Men’s Watch

The blues Latin style refers to Cuervo, which was born in Havana, Cuba. On the dreamy blue dial, the golden Breguet hands are like a musician’s baton, playing the gorgeous movement of time for you at any time.

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The design of the back through the bottom of the table, we can see the pattern of three castles on the pendulum, which are the three castles on the flag of Havana. The strap is made of dark blue Louisiana alligator leather strap, which is calm and introverted but also luxurious, showing the style of a celebrity.


  Breitling Breitling

Avengers Series A17318101C1X1 Mechanical Men's WatchAvengers Series A17318101C1X1 Mechanical Men’s Watch

Watch friends who love diving watches, it should be difficult to refuse a diving watch with a blue disk, right? After all, blue is the color of the sea. The waterproof depth of this blue plate Avenger has reached 300 meters, and it is equipped with a breathable and comfortable fabric strap, which is a good helper for proper diving sports.

The large diameter dial of 43 mm becomes a tough guy in seconds. The overall body of the watch is very solid, and its shock resistance is also excellent. In addition to diving, it can also be worn during flight, providing sufficient safety and reliability for air adventure enthusiasts.


  Omega OMEGA

Seamaster series mechanical men's watchSeamaster series mechanical men’s watch

If you pay special attention to the movement when buying a watch, then this hippocampus should be in your consideration.

The wavy pattern is depicted on the blue dial, which fits the theme of diving very well. With a waterproof rating of 300 meters, it is not a problem to wear it for deep diving.

The watch is equipped with the Omega 8800 Master Chronometer movement. The movement is equipped with a free-sprung balance wheel with a silicon hairspring, which can resist a strong magnetic field of 15,000 Gauss. Among watches at the same price, this hippocampus The performance of the movement can be described as quite eye-catching.

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  Swiss EPOS

Emotion series 3391.832.20.16.25 mechanical men's watchEmotion series 3391.832.20.16.25 mechanical men’s watch

Clear sky blue makes people feel good, while night sky blue makes people intoxicated easily.

The romance of the galaxy in the universe is condensed in the dial. Dots of stars are scattered, shining on the blue disk, and the meniscus-shaped hands cross the lines of the interlaced weekly and monthly calendars, bringing a layered visual experience to the wearer.


  Cartier CARTIER

Blue Balloon Series WSBB0061 Mechanical Men's WatchBlue Balloon Series WSBB0061 Mechanical Men’s Watch

Cartier’s blue balloons have never been exclusive to women. For example, the blue balloon in the picture, men will also love it when they wear it.

  The color of the lake is blue, and the dial is also decorated with sunlight rays, just like the sparkling lake surface, which is both noble and mysterious.

The grooved crown is inlaid with the iconic element of the Blue Balloon series-synthetic blue spinel.

  It is equipped with a Cartier 1847 MC workshop refined movement, independently developed by the workshop in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.

I don’t know if there is one of these 6 super-looking blue dial watches that you fell in love with at first sight?

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