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From Banditry to Broadway: The Story of Frank Henry’s Transformation

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From Banditry to Broadway: The Story of Frank Henry’s Transformation

Former French bandit and artist Frank Henry is set to take the stage at La Nouvelle Eve theater in Paris to tell the story of his criminal past. Henry’s infamous career included seventy robberies and assaults over thirty years, leading to 21 years behind bars. But now, Henry has turned to literature and theater to share his experiences and convey the message that crime is not a worthwhile adventure.

Known as “Frankus the Gunsmith” for his affinity for heavy-caliber weapons, Henry is determined to demystify the romanticism and aestheticism surrounding banditry. He aims to shed light on the harsh realities of the criminal world, emphasizing that life as a gangster is far from glamorous. Despite having paid a heavy price and traumatizing people with his past actions, Henry wants to use his experiences to educate others and discourage them from following a similar path.

The turning point for Henry came with the late birth of his son, Lucas. This realization led him to reflect on the consequences of his actions and to embark on a new path focused on literature and theater. After obtaining a master’s degree in musicology and writing several novels, Henry has since worked on television series scripts and even directed a film featuring notable stars.

Henry is aware that in the eyes of the police, he will always be seen as a gangster. However, he is resolute in sharing his story and delivering a powerful message to those tempted by a life of crime. His solo show at La Nouvelle Eve promises to provide a captivating look into the true story of the former Paris gangster, offering a unique perspective on a life marked by crime, redemption, and the pursuit of a brighter future.

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