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From being popular all over the country to being suddenly banned: What has she experienced in the United States for many years? (Picture) | Zheng Xulan | Voice of Chinese

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Zheng Xulan in his youth (video screenshot)

[Look at China September 14, 2021 News]Chinese female singers in the 1980sZheng Xulan, Because of a “Shepherd Music” (interlude from the movie “Shaolin Temple”) became popular all over the country. In the early 1980s, despite the opposition of the Oriental Song and Dance Ensemble she was in, she decided to accept the passionate pursuit of an American boy. Finally, she decided to marry the American boy and go on a long journey.Study in the U.S.. Due to the complicated procedures for going abroad at the time, Zheng Xulan had no financial resources after resignation, so she decided to “go out” and signed for three performances with a performance company. However, the day before the performance, the relevant authorities suddenly issued a statement to Zheng Xulan.Ban orderSince then, all performance venues across the country have not allowed Zheng Xulan to perform. Zheng Xulan had to rely on family and friends to support her for two years, until she went to the United States in 1989. What did she experience when she went to the United States for many years? “World Chinese Weekly” tells her story. story.

In 1983, the 25-year-old Zheng Xulan sang three songs, one of which was “Shepherd’s Song”, an episode of “Shaolin Temple”. The clear, pure, gentle and delicate singing sound is like a spring flowing, like a white cloud coming out of Xiu, making people in the world. In the middle, the mind is refreshed, as if it can completely forget the troubles of the world. Since then, this name, known as “China’s first lyrical soprano”, has been flying across the country.

But just 6 years later, Zheng Xulan disappeared from people’s sight. As she was “banned” and traveled to a foreign country, the sweetest memory of an era came to a curtain call.

In 1982, the movie “Shaolin Temple” was released on the mainland, causing a sensation throughout the world. It is said that the ticket price when the movie was released was only a dime, but it still set a box office record of more than one billion.

The interlude of the film “Shepherd’s Music”, with its tender melody and Zheng Xulan’s jade-like voice, adds to its icing on the cake. For singers, a good voice is a gift from heaven. Zheng Xulan is such a talented singer.

Zheng Xulan, who has excellent voice conditions, is like a duck in the East Song and Dance Ensemble. In the second year, she went to Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia and other places to learn Southeast Asian folk music.

In 1987, Zheng Xulan was named “one of the ten most popular singers in the country” in a selection jointly sponsored by China Central Television and the Association of Filmmakers.

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Just as she was surrounded by applause and flowers, the hand of fate quietly sent a young American named Edward to her side. Edward is a fan of Zheng Xulan, and the two met during a performance. He admired her talents, and she relied on his company.

When Zheng Xulan flew to various parts of the world to participate in performances, he was by her side, and he often shared with her the beautiful scenery and customs of the United States.

At that time, Zheng Xulan was a well-deserved pillar of the Oriental Song and Dance Ensemble. Whenever there were large-scale events and important performances, she would appear as the finale of the actor.

Years of high-intensity work made Zheng Xulan exhausted, and she fell in love with Edward, and she had the idea of ​​following Edward to study in the United States.

But what she didn’t expect was that she thought about resigning from the Oriental Song and Dance Ensemble too simply, and also looked forward to the future of her and Edward too much. She thought that after leaving the Oriental Song and Dance Ensemble, she no longer had to be sent by the intensive tasks of the group, and could freely arrange her own performances.

After submitting the resignation report, Zheng Xulan handed in the work permit, returned the house key, and the household registration book was also taken back. Due to the complicated procedures for going abroad, Zheng Xulan had no financial resources after resignation, so she decided to “go out” and signed three performances with a performance company. However, the day before the performance, the relevant authorities issued a “banning order” to Zheng Xulan, and all performances across the country have since been issued. Zheng Xulan is not allowed to perform in the venue. Zheng Xulan had to rely on relatives and friends to support her for two years until she went to the United States to get married and have children in 1989 and became a full-time wife.

But as time passed, the relationship between Zheng Xulan and her American husband gradually cracked. In the United States for several years, Zheng Xulan often returned to China because he missed his hometown. Each time he stayed for a long time, and each time was longer than each time. Zheng Xulan wanted to persuade her husband to follow her back to China, but her husband refused. In the end, the two divorced, and Zheng Xulan returned to China with her son alone.

In order to support her son, she had no choice but to return to Beijing to find a job. But when Zheng Xulan wanted to return to her old career, she saw that the popular music brought by new forces such as Faye Wong and Na Ying had quietly changed the vane of the music world, and suddenly felt that the era that belonged to her was long gone.

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As for her, she could only stay in the light and shadow of the 1980s, and stay in a long sigh from Tu Yu…

There is an old Chinese saying that the leaks in the house have been rained overnight. In 2003, Zheng Xulan was diagnosed with intestinal obstruction.

Due to her serious condition, she had to be hospitalized for surgery, but during the operation, due to a doctor’s error, the healthy part of the intestine was removed, but the lesion remained in the body.

This major medical accident made her health worse and worse. For a long time, she spent the long and difficult nights relying on painkillers. When she was the most painful, she had to rely on nutrient solution to sustain her life.

The physical and mental torture made her look like withered. Such days lasted for three years. There is a saying, “The injury is the last cold day, and the haggard people are unbearable.”

Just as she was entangled with illness and pain, she met the second man in her life who loved her deeply.

During that time, the boyfriend who took good care of her was a beam of light projected in by Zheng Xulan’s years of gloomy life.

Destiny seemed to be favoring her at last.

However, soon, her boyfriend was diagnosed with mucosal cancer. After hearing the bad news, she was lying on a hospital bed in Beijing and crying, but she was powerless. At that time, two people with the same illness were living in Tianjin Cancer Hospital and the other in Beijing Specialty Hospital.

Love does not move, but like a ditch next day. At that time, their new home where they were going to get married had just been set up.

In 2005, Zheng Xulan, who was not healed, held a special concert for the song “A Dream of Red Mansions”.

That day, at the concert, she sang “Funny Eyebrows”, “Red Bean Song”, and “Burial Flower Yin”. The tragedy of the girl in the Red Chamber seemed to better interpret her half-life of tragedy.

The boyfriend who loved her the most, came to the scene to watch and support Zheng Xulan’s performance. She is on stage, he is off stage. Soon, within a short distance, it became a ghostly eternal distance.

Her world collapsed again.

“The death of my boyfriend hit me too much. I was really crushed by grief at the time. I even felt that my life had come to an end.”

In the most desperate time, she thought about suicide several times. But she knows that suicide is easy, and the pain that will never heal, and the mess on the ground, can only be endured and ended by the closest person. Because death is not only the tragedy of the dead, but also the tragedy of the living.

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“Looking back, I think again, so many people in the world have all kinds of tragic experiences. If they can come over, I will definitely be able to come over.”

So, after experiencing another nirvana in her life, she rekindled her desire to live, actively seeking a cure for the disease, and met a doctor under the match of her friend Zhu Shimao.

When the doctor saw Zheng Xulan, who was so thin that he was in a wheelchair, he was shocked: The famous singer who was once glorious is no longer on the stage, smiling brightly and healthy.

“You have brought joy to so many of us, and your singing has even infected and affected a generation of people, so we must find a way to return the happiness to you.”

The operation was very successful, and Zheng Xulan, who had suffered from severe illness for many years, finally got rid of the pain.

“I will not be knocked down, and I will continue to sing.”

In 2018, Zheng Xulan held a solo concert with the theme of “Land of Love” in Bailuyuan Film and Television City. That night, tens of thousands of people gathered together, and the audience was packed.

At the concert, the wind brushed her hair lightly, and the affectionate singing voice echoed in the night sky of the yellow earth like spring water. It seemed as if all the love and pain of the past, life and death, and parting, all turned into birds, with Heavy and light wings, surging waves.

The writer Mu Xin once said that a person who comes out of sorrow generously and generously is an artist.

Maybe the crowds, in their journey of life, from the overture to the final chapter, there are ups and downs, and the peaks and loops turn around, until the end, without fear and no regrets, can they make the best of their lives, and the remaining sound will surround the beam…

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