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From Borsalino to Vionnet, ChimHaeres relaunches historic brands

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From Borsalino to Vionnet, ChimHaeres relaunches historic brands

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They have some similarities and just as many differences, linked to their respective histories and countries of origin. But a common trait of the maisons chosen by Philippe Camperio to join the ChimHaeres holding is certain: the authenticity linked to over one hundred years of history. Authenticity, a word perhaps often used superficially, but which has a very clear meaning for the entrepreneur: «Today, Borsalino, Zagato, Fogal and Vionnet are part of the joint venture that I created in 2023 with an Abu Dhabi company – explains Camperio – . It all started years ago with the acquisition of a majority share of Borsalino, which we can define as the most famous hat manufacturer in the world, founded in 1857 in Alessandria. The participation merged with ChimHaeres and, given that the relaunch of Borsalino is very well underway, we are now focusing in particular on Vionnet and Fogal, a Swiss brand of tights, and on Zagato, an Italian car bodybuilder and designer.”

Four maisons that represent a link between two centuries and that together count almost 500 years: 166 are those of Borsalino, 104 those of Zagato, 111 those of Vionnet and 102 those of Fogal. «Having so much history behind us does not mean belonging to the past, especially in the luxury and lifestyle sector – adds Camperio -. On the contrary, it means having successfully gone through eras and changes and always being ready to renew ourselves.”

A creation by Madeleine Vionnet, 1931

The relaunch plan of the various brands and in particular of the Vionnet maison also aims to be innovative: «We are not a private equity fund, our horizon is not short-term or speculative – underlines the co-founder and CEO of ChimHaeres -. We are convinced that we can provide the new life needed to bring brands back to the forefront or strengthen them further, as in the case of Zagato. We bring economic and managerial resources, looking with the utmost respect at the DNA of the brands, after having studied them for a long time, and at the same time we intend to use the digital revolution in which we are immersed, from e-commerce to artificial intelligence, to our advantage. Always, however, in a Vionnet way.”

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For the maison founded in France in 1912, the first step was the online launch, on 9 February, of the first of three capsules of around twenty pieces of ready-to-wear and accessories: the other two will arrive between March and April and between June and July. In addition to being tributes to the genius of the founder Madeleine Vionnet, the capsules aim to test the market and reawaken interest in the fashion house with a view to commercial development. «The name of the first capsule is highly evocative, Vivid memories of the future, and is linked to the mark that Madeleine Vionnet left: a stylist and entrepreneur who spoke of attention to people and the environment when the word sustainability had not yet been created », says Antonella Di Pietro, to whom Philippe Camperio entrusted the management of Vionnet and who coordinated three independent stylists.

The Vionnet logo designed by Thayaht, 1922

«For our “vivid memories of the future” we focused on drapes, geometric shapes, shaded effects, knots, fringes and graphic motifs by the Italian artist Thayaht – adds Antonella Di Pietro -. His real name was Ernesto Michahelles and Madeleine Vionnet entrusted the design of her logo to him in 1919, an absolute novelty for a fashion house, to underline once again how innovative the vision of the founder of the house was.” Price positioning is crucial: «Vionnet is a high-end brand and the price lists of the first capsule reflect this value – Camperio and Di Pietro say almost in unison –. But we are talking about a range between 800 and 1,500 euros, because we don’t believe in the inaccessibility of luxury. On the contrary: fashion must make you dream, but dreams, perhaps at different times for our potential customers, need to be translated into reality.”

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