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From Hollywood to China: The Evolution of Visual Effects in Chinese Blockbusters

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The Top Special Effects in China’s Local Blockbusters Turned Out to Be Made by Them

In just over a decade, China’s film special effects have made great achievements. Huge, visible progress has been made in the realm of visual effects, with Chinese blockbusters showcasing cutting-edge technology and intricate scenes that rival those produced by Hollywood.

One such standout example is the “space elevator” scene in “The Wandering Earth 2”, where a car is seen carrying huge flames, climbing straight up and flying into the dark universe. The camera follows the trajectory of the car as it reaches outer space, leaving a lasting impression on viewers both domestically and internationally. This scene, along with other captivating visual effects in Chinese blockbusters like “Changjin Lake” and “Monster Hunt”, were crafted by local special effects companies in China.

One of the leading companies behind these groundbreaking effects is MOREVFX, a powerhouse in the local visual effects industry. With notable works like “The Wandering Earth” series, “Assassination of Novelists”, “Walking Alone on the Moon”, “Hello, Li Huanying”, and “Detective Chinatown 3”, MOREVFX has solidified its position as a top-tier visual effects studio in China. The company’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling has led to a rapid advancement in the country’s visual effects capabilities.

At the core of MOREVFX’s success lies a team of dedicated visual effects artists who work tirelessly to bring cinematic visions to life. Through innovative techniques and a meticulous attention to detail, they have elevated Chinese films to new heights, captivating audiences with immersive and realistic visuals.

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While China’s visual effects industry has made significant progress over the years, there are still challenges to overcome. The shortage of talent, the need for continuous technological advancements, and the lack of unified industry standards are obstacles that the industry must address to continue thriving.

As Chinese filmmakers continue to push the boundaries of visual effects and storytelling, the evolution of the country’s visual effects industry remains a work in progress. From commercial blockbusters to original productions, Chinese visual effects artists are paving the way for a new era of cinematic excellence.

(Date published: March 4, 2024. Reporter: Qiu Guangyu. Source: China News Weekly)

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