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From “Hurricane” Frozen Fish to “Long Moon Embers” Hand String Film and Television Derivatives Explosive How to Do Dialogue with the Founder of Wuliu Culture_Development_Li Siyun_Platform

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From “Hurricane” Frozen Fish to “Long Moon Embers” Hand String Film and Television Derivatives Explosive How to Do Dialogue with the Founder of Wuliu Culture_Development_Li Siyun_Platform

Original Title: From “Hurricane” Frozen Fish to “Long Moon Embers” Hand String Film and Television Derivatives How to Make Explosive Models Dialogue with the Founder of Wuliu Culture

There is only one husband, but it is still possible to chase the “Jinren” in “Long Moon Ember”, and each household has a character-themed bracelet.

Recently, Cang Jiumin, a disciple of Xianmen, went online and started a sadomasochistic love story with Li Susu. Fang Wuliu Culture, the producer of the “Long Moon Ember Bright” bracelet, also launched Cang Jiumin · Crane in the Cloud bracelet , For a while, everyone planted grass with the same style.

As a seemingly niche derivative category, bracelets, why can the amount of crowdfunding for some new products have exceeded 7 million?

This also starts with Luo Yunxi and Bai Lu’s “Long Moon Embers” sweeping the building. The two leading actors both wore bracelets themed by the characters in the play, and the aesthetics of the color scheme hit the hearts of netizens, making the bracelets the most popular searches on the screen. Tantaijin/Mingye Reincarnation Bracelet, Li Susu’s heavy feather pendant and other derivative peripherals have even appeared on Taobao’s hot searches.

“To be honest, the results of crowdfunding on the platform have exceeded our expectations, because this is a brand new category, not a reproduction of the same props from a TV series, but the extraction of character elements as design inspiration. It is a product type that you have never seen before,” The founder of Wuliu Culture told Daoda.

In her opinion, the popularity of bracelets is the result of the cooperation of platforms, artists, and product companies, and it is also a successful exploration of rapid response in derivative product development.

Previously, Wuliu Culture had many explosive cases in the development of film and television setting sets, blind box figures and creative soft peripherals. From last year’s “Cang Lan Jue” gift box to this year’s “Hurricane” Jiuchang Street Frozen Fish Pillow, the “Wuduo” label under Wuliu Culture is always keen to discover phenomenal film and television works, and it is suitable for the occasion when the series is on the air. Launch derivatives.

In the face of the ever-increasing derivatives market, what kind of film and television peripherals are the favorites of young users? Let me tell you about the ins and outs of the birth of explosive derivatives.

Derivatives were put on the shelves in 10 days, allowing “Jinren” to play bracelets while chasing dramas

“Since last year’s “Canglan Jue” gift box, we have been exploring the innovative model of joint development of derivative products with platforms and drama producers.”

In the view of Li Siyun, the founder and product manager of Wuliu Culture, in the past, creative companies obtained IP authorization from the producer and then looked for platforms to sell on a relatively fragmented model, making it difficult to create explosive derivatives.

“Every year, the team will take stock of the platform’s S-level projects or A+-level potential dramas, and communicate and cooperate with the platform in advance. When “Long Moon Ember” was officially announced, we were paying attention to this drama. It was first revealed through the service of Dunhuang style. In the circle, the leading actor Luo Yunxi is also a handsome man in ancient costumes in everyone’s minds, this project has the IP value of going out of the circle.”

Based on this judgment, Wuliu Culture quickly reached a cooperation intention with Youku and Aliyu to make some new products, and in the development of derivative products, it chose the bracelet category that has been popularized by “Shangxiang Culture” in recent years.

Li Siyun told Daoda that products with national cultural attributes are now loved by more and more young people. In the past, cultural and creative companies were keen on re-enacting accessories for film and television dramas, but puppet show props are often gorgeous in shape and not everyday. Large-scale circle breaking.”

In contrast, bracelets with IP implication and aesthetics are more universal. According to the visual materials released by “Long Moon Ember”, the Wuliu culture team set up around each protagonist, and buried ingenuity in the character-themed bracelets:

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Tantaijin’s version is paired with golden sand obsidian and freshwater pearls to highlight the monarch’s identity, while Mingye’s version uses aquamarine chalcedony and white opal to represent the mission of the young God of War to protect the common people; Referring to Li Susu’s soft and introverted temperament, Bai Chuan implies the innocence and romance of Sangjiu.

“Even if the IP blessing is erased, the product is still beautiful and moving” is Li Siyun’s requirement for derivative products. It is a relatively common marketing move to let the leading actors of drama series do interactive display of derivative products, but like Luo Yunxi and Bailu in “Long Moon Embers”, there are not many people who wear bracelets to sweep the building and get on the hot searches, which shows that bracelets can be seen in the circle because of their good looks. product power.

The rapid response mechanism of the Wuliu culture team has greatly shortened the time for the development of derivatives that traditionally takes several months. The development category of “Long Moon Ember” was determined one week before the broadcast, and the design began after obtaining confirmation from the copyright owner, and then the shooting was completed and put on the platform. The whole process only took 10 days.

“We’re quite aggressive and very introverted (laughs).” Li Siyun said that the current progress in the production of derivative products is faster than everyone expected, and the first batch of bracelets in “Long Moon Ember” will be shipped around the end of the episode. , so that everyone can make a wish when they are chasing the show.

“For the next projects to be developed, we will carry out proofing and small batch production in advance, so that the following products will be launched in the drama, and we will launch new ones and deliver them quickly.”

Copycat piracy is a long-standing problem in the derivatives market, but in the “Long Moon Ember” project, although there are many imitations of bracelets, fans spontaneously help the official to defend their rights. Li Siyun found out that many netizens commented and left a message saying that the official peripherals have quality assurance and after-sales service, “The genuine product is only 89 yuan, why buy a pirated version of 50 or 60?”

“Small-batch knockoffs are not cheap, and some sell for more than the original,” she admits. In terms of bracelet pricing, the derivatives of “Changyue Jinming” selected a price within 100 yuan, “We don’t want users to feel that you are cutting leeks, and the things you buy are really usable.”

According to Li Siyun, the development and operation team of the film and television peripheral cultural and creative label “WUDOLL” under Wuliu Culture are all very experienced girls in the fan circle, and they are very sensitive to the consumption preferences of young users.

“Before the big drama is broadcast, we will conduct in-depth research on the original work, Reuters, trailers and other materials in advance, and will also conduct fan communication research.”

For example, fans of Luo Yunxi, who starred in “Long Moon Ember”, prefer derivatives that are more realistic and have a high-end antique texture, and some fans are Hanfu girls. Therefore, when choosing soft peripheral development, Wuliu Culture designed a handmade waist fan with Dunhuang-style tassels, which is a category that was rarely seen in film and television peripherals in the past.

The luminous double-layer ornament dubbed “Ming Ye Station” is an innovative and improved product made by Wuliu Culture on the basis of acrylic luminous night lights. Many Jhin people found a lot of details: the base of the night lamp is the pattern of the Lingtai in the play, and behind Ming Ye is the dragon and lotus halo that fits the character settings, 100% presents the majesty of the god of war in the upper Qing Dynasty, which can make the The God of fans screaming “My Husband Ming Ye” has been restored!

The development value of long-term IP: “Hurricane” ends, derivatives are still hot

Relying on the creative design with wide-open mind and the quick response mechanism of efficient operation, Wuliu Culture has continuously created explosive products since it got involved in the development of film and television derivatives in 2020.

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Li Siyun still remembers that in 2020, he started to make Guofeng hand-made blind boxes. At that time, the domestic blind box industry had never developed a product with a character’s own combination bayonet and scene display. Once launched, this set of figures from Wuliu Culture became a phenomenon-level product, and it still has long-term sales until today.

On the day of the launch of Youku S+ martial arts drama in 2021, Wuliu Culture and Youku confirmed the development cooperation of derivative products. “The sales volume of this set set should be regarded as the ceiling of the current similar products, with more than 40,000 copies sold.”

Based on a keen sense of smell for popular dramas, Wuliu Culture, iQiyi and Xingxing Gravity jointly created the gift box of “Canglan Jue” last summer, which triggered a wave of unboxing across the Internet;

At the beginning of this year, we worked together with iQIYI to create derivative products of “Hurricane”. From Jinju masks to the same high-end card holders of Xujiang, all of them were hotly bought by netizens. On the after-sales card of the product, “Li Xiang wrote to An Xin” was reproduced. The letter” is a commemorative small prop in the play. After receiving it, many users said that they “have been hit by a knife”. Some people even applied for after-sales because they did not receive the after-sales card.

“The entire project of “Hurricane” took a total of 7 days from design and development to online sales, and made more than a dozen SKUs.”

Li Siyun told Daotao that compared to the ancient puppet show derivatives, which are mostly female audiences, “Hurricane” has a lot of male audiences buying peripherals, “This IP is very popular, so the SKU selection and pricing logic will be biased towards a balance between men and women. Angle, make cute, playful, high-design content.”

For example, the frozen fish pillows around the explosive models, in addition to the double-sided design, the Wuliu cultural team also added a lot of details related to “Hurricane”. Netizens saw the outer packaging of the aquatic products in Jiuchang Street, and the tag “Today’s fish are bigger”, Being able to get the stalks in the drama in a second is easy to generate a strong desire to share.

It is understood that at present, Wuliu Culture is already developing the peripherals of “Ningan Rumeng” and “Heart Protection” waiting to be broadcast.

“From the perspective of the entire derivatives market, it is true that ancient puppets will have a larger plate,” Li Siyun said. “In China’s film and television market, especially the sinking market, puppet dramas are the easiest to break the circle. Of course, popular hits like “Hurricane” and modern dramas with IP development value, we will also judge and make corresponding interventions .”

More and more “volume” is the key word in the development of film and television derivatives today.

“Users have requirements for creativity. The peripherals produced by traditional labeling and changing pictures can’t be sold even for 9 yuan and 9 free shipping. People will not pay for things that are not thoughtful.”

In Li Siyun’s view, as the derivatives of “The Wandering Earth 2” set a sales record of more than 100 million, the platform and producers are now paying more and more attention to the value of film and television derivatives, and they can also patiently polish the products and make the IP derivative development grow. Do fine.

“How long the product can be sold depends on the long-term popularity of the IP itself. Phenomenon-level dramas like “Cang Lan Jue” and “Hurricane” can still sell steadily after a long time. There is also “Long Moon Ember” bracelet , Stripping off the IP is also a good-looking product, and it will continue to maintain stable sales throughout the summer and autumn,” Li Siyun judged.

The sea of ​​stars around Yingyou: Global release, deep empathy for users

Focusing on product lines such as trendy toys, cultural creations, and movable dolls, Wuliu Culture has launched two labels: one is “WUDOLL”, which focuses on film and television peripherals, and is nicknamed “the only network in the entertainment industry” by netizens. , according to everyone’s preferences, respond to everyone’s needs, and quickly launch derivative products in conjunction with popular film and television works.

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“Xiao Duo is a very active character in the fan circle. Many fans want to pay attention to any drama, and hope that they will come to Aite for any peripherals (laughs).”

Another label “WUSTYLE” focuses on masculine trendy toys. In April this year, Ubisoft jointly launched the “Assassin’s Creed” Assassin’s Meows limited edition figure, which made everyone’s favorite game images into puppets, British shorts, Himalayan cats and other cat images. Once launched, it has been loved by many gamers. The cool assassin cat sparks ecstasy among straight men.

Talking about why the “Assassin Meow” figure is the first product of the Meow Meow universe series, Li Siyun told Dao Dao that Ubisoft, a French game manufacturer, has a soft spot for cats. Previously, a video of a cat assassin taken by a fan had been taken by the official Like it, when the team communicated with Ubisoft with the plan, the two sides hit it off. This is also the first time Ubisoft has authorized an official character standard image to do a second creation.

“I have been engaged in the game industry before, and I am familiar with game companies. When choosing an IP, “Assassin’s Creed”, as a classic game IP, has a strong accumulation and has been launching new works. It is very suitable for the first sequence of Miaomiao Universe. At the same time, it will be very interesting for straight men to meow into games, although everyone prefers handsome figures, but they will accept you if you give them cute and handsome figures (laughs).”

According to reports, in the future, WUSTYLE will cooperate with more top international IPs and 3A game masterpieces in IP, and promote the Miaomiao universe to global sales. Unlike film and television light peripherals, the development and design cycle of hardcore game peripherals takes several months, but in Li Siyun’s view, the core of any derivative product is to empathize with users and create content that truly meets everyone’s needs.

The members of the Wuliu culture team come from leading derivatives companies in the industry. They are veterans of ACGN culture.

“Our strongest advantage is product power. Everything can be bought with money, but excellent managers and designers cannot be bought. Creative design and understanding of IP are difficult to be easily copied.”

For Li Siyun, instead of rolling in the red ocean market of animation derivatives, making creative products in the blue ocean track of film and game derivatives is the direction the company hopes to make efforts.

After completing the first round of financing last year, the Wuliu culture team is currently thinking about synchronous announcements of derivative products, movies and TV shows, and on the other hand, it is also exploring innovative ways to play around star IP.

Talking about the hot sales of the “Canglan Jue” photo card developed by the team, Li Siyun believes, “Korean idol derivatives are more than 10 billion a year. Under the population base of China, there is too much room to be developed. At present, domestic Small cards that are aesthetically pleasing to female users are still relatively scarce, and this is a category we will continue to develop in the future.”

The personal peripherals developed around popular e-sports players are also in preparation and will meet with users this summer.

“This is an attempt for us to develop and explore the peripherals of real people, and it will cover categories that e-sports fans like very much.”

If WUSTYLE’s target is FUNKO, Li Siyun hopes that WUDOLL can become one of the most influential brands for film and television derivatives and celebrity peripherals, covering more high-quality categories, “When people think of celebrity peripherals, they will first think of our brand. “Return to Sohu to see more

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