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from opportunities to the chiaroscuro of monsters

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from opportunities to the chiaroscuro of monsters

There is no nothing more decisive for a person’s futureand therefore for society, to have a chance. Sometimes it is a necessary condition for talent or effort. It only takes one opportunity to twist destiny. And the public educationand in particular the Universidadthey guarantee that.

Any Resident of Neuquén or Río Negro knows this. Do you know, did you find out or were told that so-and-so is the first student or university graduate of the family. It is not a story. Many of them stay in the region because of the possibilities, but also because of the offer. Thousands of boys and girls from the South Lineof the Upper Valleyof the Northern Neuquénfrom cordillera and of mar They have at least a chance at University of Comahue and in that of Black river.

There is a phrase attributed to Antonio Gramsci, taken from Cuadernos de la Cárcel, which became popular after being simplified: “The old world is dying. The new one takes a while to appear. And in that chiaroscuro monsters emerge.”. The original text was written in the years after the economic crisis of 29′ and was frequently recovered for the analysis of the financial crash of 2008.

Which followed Gramsci’s description was fascism. Pese a la intellectual obligation to avoid forced comparisons, the phrase of the Italian philosopher becomes relevant in the present. Some days ago French scholar Éric Sadinpassing through Argentina to present a new book, pointed out that “Milei are going to flourish all over the world. For the author there are significant changes in the human condition that were generated by digital platforms. The result is a individual who leaves the social contract.

A land, where the Hatred and rage fuel the struggle between the old and the newgains centrality in our society and allows be put into discussion -under generally economic pretexts- enshrined rights that until now seemed armored within the social consensus. Over there the cut can be registered at the Universities like a period brand.

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The general dissatisfaction, due to the inability of politics to respond to basic social demandsenabled to put in draft the entire social contract. In this case, to the point of believe that defunding knowledge and sciencetwo of the most precious assets of any society, are an act of new social justice.

He budget adjustment to study houseswhich according to the Argentine Political Economy Center (CEPA) represented a drop in real terms of 61% in March, does not seem to want to shed light on the accounts of the Universities nor reduce State spending at all levels. The reasons seem to be of another nature whereregardless of how the purpose of these acts is imagined in practice, what really appears are the monsters.

The reflection that opened the march from yesterday can be read as an antithesis. A limit that society is not willing to cross. The education appears as a source of opportunities against monsters.

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