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From the Doblò to the mini camper, here’s the idea

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ROME – Do you want to give up everything, greet friends and relatives forever and go around the world? There is no need for a large, big and expensive camper: the solutions that the “mini camper” manufacturers are offering are many, the latest of which is called Ronin Motorhome, a vehicle built on the basis of the Fiat Doblò thanks to the ingenuity of Hotomobil, a Turkish company specializing in transformations of this type.

5,400 mm long and 1,950 mm wide, the Doblò in camper sauce has an internal height of 1 meter and 90 cm, which is enough to move without the fear of banging your head. The weight distribution on the front and rear axles is 50:50, ideal for guaranteeing travel comfort and a high level of safety, while the renowned 1.6 MJT 120 Hp Work-Up E6 diesel vibrates under the hood, combined with a manual transmission. Sturdy, reliable, with no shackles on your head.

Of course, the highlight is all in the interior. The base is a practical living room with an extendable coffee table in the center, around which three “U” -shaped sofas have been placed. During the day, the light enters from the rear window, which is obscured by a special electric curtain when you go to bed. On the left, looking at the rear of the vehicle, the “services” part, that is the kitchenette and the bathroom, has been mounted. The first consists of a mini fridge, a single sink and two cooking burners. There are various compartments for storing food and even the bathroom, for its part, is equipped with all comforts, including a shower.

Surprise Bufalino, the first camper for singles

by Maurilio Rigo

When evening falls, the sitting room transforms into a double bedroom, with a 190 by 130 cm mattress. To get an idea, the bed we have at home is usually 190 cm long or at most 200 cm wide and 160 cm wide: so you sleep a little tight when you are two. The third berth is instead located in the upper part of the cockpit, similar to a berth on a ship but embellished with top quality materials. One of the key elements of the mini camper is in fact in the choice of materials on which you can indulge yourself. From the wood of the wall cladding to the kitchen tiles, of which Hotomobil offers a wide choice. The icing on the cake: the air conditioning system that can be adjusted in many ways, worthy of a mini apartment in the city.

“Together with the Fiat plant we have developed a perfect cab, and we are able to install it without making any changes to the original condition of the vehicle”, explain the Hotomobil technicians. “Thanks to the 20 mm high-density polyurethane insulation, we were able to create a thermos effect: the temperature remains the same for a long time in both hot and cold air. The fiber-reinforced composite materials we use for our vehicles have high chemical and mechanical resistance, as well as being extremely waterproof. They are the same that are used in space shuttles, yachts and military industry products “. The price? It has not yet been formalized by the parent company, which prefers to delegate to the buyer by writing on its website “request a quote”, which obviously will change depending on the materials chosen.


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