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From the etoile Loredana Furno to the TV presenter Federica Panicucci for the inaugural evening of the Marenco Theater

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NOVI LIGURE. Saturday 6 November, at 8.30 pm, the stage of the historic Marenco Theater, one of the three most beautiful theaters for acoustics and architecture in Piedmont, will host the long-awaited inauguration evening.

A moment of great involvement not only for fans but for all citizens who have followed the restoration project with passion.

«To return not only a theater but to trace a path where culture becomes hope. A strong and desired message for a long time, this is the highest meaning of this evening – says the President of the Romualdo Marenco Theater Foundation Ada Geraldini Caraccia – a clear signal of how passion, will and tenacity have been fundamental to achieve this goal and how the many private and institutional synergies can work well together. My wish is that this theater will be experienced above all by young people, that it will become the theater of all, of the Novesi and of the territory of Lower Piedmont ».

An opening evening – by invitation only – of music and prose to pay homage to Maestro Romualdo Marenco, first violin and ballet director of the Teatro alla Scala in Milan. His works, known all over the world, accompanied the Italian Risorgimento, counting him among the most important composers of the time not only nationally but also internationally as his works were staged in the most important European capitals.

Performing the music of Marenco and Bottesini, a virtuoso of the double bass and his great friend, will be the instrumentalists of the Teatro alla Scala in Milan: Duccio Beluffi First Violin, Roberto Nigro Second Violin, Elena Faccani Viola, Beatrice Pomarico Violoncello, Alessandro Serra Double Bass.

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The link with the Milanese theater, Bottesini and Marenco will be signed with a program that pays homage to the illustrious Novese and the memory of the two friends, as if to evoke his presence on such an important evening not only for the city of Novi Ligure but for the Whole culture. Giovanni Bottesini’s Grand Quintet in C minor op.99 and Romualdo Marenco’s: Auxilium ex alto, an elegant waltz that will involve and lift the soul of the public, virtually bringing it back to the end of the nineteenth century, was chosen by the masters of La Scala.

For the prose part, Riccardo Forte, a theater actor but known by the general public for his cinematographic interpretations and his roles in the most important Italian fiction, will take the stage, accompanied by maestro Diego Borotti, saxophonist, composer and long-time arranger. The show entitled: “Jazz, chihuahua and other stories”, where the last metropolitan heroes, marginalized, comic strip heroes save the world that in the meantime ignores them. Stories of the street, of greatness and poor conditions, of lucid artistic vision and of marginalized lives, those of the greats of past jazz in a continuous exchange between words and notes. Stories that tell the two protagonists through the words of Geoff Dyer, with the gestures, the noises, the sounds full of “drive” and “swing”, of “large” subdued and the obstinate and rhythmic pursuit of the best jazz.

Federica Panicucci, well-known TV and radio presenter, Loredana Furno étoile of the Balletto del Teatro di Torino, will instead alternate on stage interviewed by Giulio Graglia artistic director of the Marenco theater who explains his artistic choice: “For the inauguration I thought of sharing more arts. Starting from the prestigious presence of the masters of the Scala of Milan and of the étoile Loredana Furno: the combination of music and dance would have liked to Romualdo Marenco, to whom the Novi theater is dedicated, who in 1872 was called to La Scala as first violin to conduct operas and ballets. Then I thought about the theater of the great with the prose and finally the new arts. Therefore, a melting pot of music, opera, prose, dance, television and cinema ».

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