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Fuels, Italy on the podium of the most expensive countries in Europe

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ROME – In Italy, the issue of high fuel prices is a hot topic, widely debated, which, however, has not found any solution to date, also because it represents a considerable source of income for the state. Costs that, as highlighted by Massimiliano Dona, president of the National Consumers Union “Despite the collapse in household consumption, the increase in the price of gasoline, which rose by 2.1% in just one month, of diesel (+ 2.4%), of heating oil (+ 2%) and other fuels (+ 2.3%) are driving inflation ”.

Inflation aside, Italy has been on the podium of the most expensive countries in Europe for fuel prices and, according to the latest updated data provided by the European Commission, occupies the third position in the ranking for the price of diesel, and fifth. for that of petrol. An unenviable performance highlighted by Assoutenti, the consumer association specialized in the transport sector, which has drawn up a study comparing fuel prices in Europe by analyzing the price lists with and without taxes. With an average of 1,444 euros per liter, Italy is therefore in third place in the Old Continent for the price of diesel, surpassed only by Sweden and Finland, while for petrol, our country with a price at the pump of 1,577 euros per liter it ranks fifth behind the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland and Greece.

A situation that is however clearly upset in the analysis of fuel prices separated from taxation since, in this case, Italy is at the bottom of the European ranking, or in twentieth place (out of 27 countries) for diesel, and in eighteenth for gasoline. In practice, compared to the EU average, this means that an Italian pays 8.9% more for petrol, with a higher outlay of 6.5 euros in full and even 11.2% more for diesel (+ 7,2euro fully).

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“These numbers show once again how Italian motorists suffer an abnormal taxation on fuels, with VAT and excise duties that today weigh 64.5% on petrol and 61% on diesel – underlines Furio Truzzi, president of Assoutenti – A pressure tax that not only makes Italy rise to the top in Europe for expensive fuel, but damages the community by causing increases both for supplies and for the retail prices of a multitude of products that travel by road. This is why Assoutenti asks the Draghi government to intervene on that part of taxation made up of obsolete excise duties dating back to the last century, and which, despite the promises, no government has had the courage to break down ”. (mr)


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