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game day

In 2001, May 28 was declared International Game Day., in commemoration of the constitution of the Association of toy libraries. Since then, every May 28th, this day that promotes the Right to Play is celebrated.

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The Right to Play is contemplated in the Convention on the Rights of the Child, in which Article No. 31 states: The States Parties recognize the child’s right to rest and leisure, to play and to recreational activities appropriate to their age and to freely participate in cultural life and the arts. States Parties shall respect and promote the right of the child to participate fully in cultural and artistic life and shall provide appropriate opportunities, under conditions of equality, to participate in cultural, artistic, recreational and leisure life.

This paragraph is enough for a lengthy note, with the aim of writing reflective words that aim at critical thinking and change, if necessary.

“States parties recognize the right of the child to play” It implies that from there the possibility of participation, leisure and recreational activities must be guaranteed.

To analyze: How are the states of the squares? How many and what cultural offers do we have in the area?

Although this question is another point to be able to develop, today I prefer to immerse myself in the privacy of homes, but not before saying that May 28, of course for me is not casual, it is also celebrated the day of the gardens (initial education).

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I clarify that it is not accidental because it is the only institution that stimulates playful activity.

To reach the homes I am going to share what happens to me daily with the children who consult. My trick questions that I love for their wealth are usually: “What do you like to play?” “What toys do you have at home?” “Do you have a favorite?”

The answers are almost a complete diagnosis or a family mapping.

I have to summarize in these 2950 characters a concept that I have been tackling for years. So I can only share a sketch in these lines.

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Playing is putting your body, being encouraged to jump into the void to come out renewed. It is entering as Penelope and leaving as Superman or Pepe the frog. The plasticity of the game invades the brain. And in these times that we are so rational it seems that it is more important to talk about neurology than about fun.

Do we have fun to do good to the brain or to live? Playing is playing, it is not thinking or winning or losing. It’s not pushing buttons. It’s messing around, getting dirty and not knowing where I am when they tell me it’s time to drink milk.

Playing is discovering yourself and growing. Develop. If it’s good for my brain, gut, or big toe, great. But you play to live. To be enjoyed.

I know there are many adults who have never played. I’m really sorry. But everything has a solution.

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Sitting on the ground, on the grass, climbing on a hammock, dancing without getting drunk. Laugh at no one, just laugh. Adult game courses should be done.

I regret that more devices are sold than toys. But perhaps little by little we can observe that if there is no play the body shuts up and suffers. The words get stuck and the smile rests on melancholy.

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The game is serious. For this reason, since we are always so busy in politics and the economy, which of course always leads us to such a good port… How about breaking parameters and playing with cardboard boxes? Even if you are 60 without children at home. Because the game is for everyone, if not tell the psychiatrists, that when they are going to be consulted, they send them to theatre, singing or dancing.

Let’s play Let’s open the door to go play, let’s celebrate life.


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