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Geese – 4D Country – HeavyPop.at

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Geese – 4D Country – HeavyPop.at

by Oliver on November 8, 2023 in EP

Alt-Country, Southern Indie Rock, Art and Post Punk are not the limit, but rather the catalyst: Geese also stop 4D Countryan essential addendum to their current Quantum Leap album, not back.

Actually, it’s even the case 4D Country like the icing on the many-ingredients-don’t-necessarily-spoil-the-porridge treat 3D Country feels: at least four of the five songs listed would have been highlights on the big album mothership – but maybe it’s just the focus that works better in this more compact framework?
The second thesis would be supported by the fact that the title song of the EP represents a more detailed version of the title song of the album Geese here now after the twangy Strokes-Relaxo groove eventually frays into the avant-garde jam towards the middle, before they pick up the threads of the previously known representation at the back and thus have opened up a latently redundant space. But it is more correct: you can still find both interpretations pretty great.

However, the remaining material certainly supports the first statement. The interplay of head voice soul in sexy Prince-Fistulas and deep-sounding pit of the stomach longings in the smooth, dampened flagship Jesse is absolutely awesome in an insane way, Art of War With a strangely distant coolness, he plunges into a lively, rhythmic hussar ride, calms the infectious, lively tumult and devotedly declares “I’m in love with your frozen heart“until your heart bleeds, and Killing My Borrowed Time As the band’s most accessible, easily digestible number in a long time, it could possibly provide mild sunshine in another reality where otherwise Eels hiking relatively carefree.
In Space Race Cameron Winter then delivers his most impressive vocal performance to date, starting so peacefully and calmly, mutating from Cookie Monster to… Muppet Showin a dreamy, blooming magical world that, due to its relative wholesomeness, has more emotional friction than 3D Country offers.
Yes indeed – 4D Country is not an appendix, but the preliminary zenith of this idiosyncratic band kaleidoscope from Brooklyn.

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4D Country by Geese

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