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Get involved in the urban theme workplace drama Sun Li said that the uncut style is the real character in the play-Entertainment-Inner Mongolia Morning Net-Spread the most valuable information

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Sun Li, who is involved in the urban theme workplace drama, said that the uncut style is the real character font in the drama: Xiaozhongda shared:

The urban-themed workplace drama “Ideal City” starring Sun Li and Zhao Youting is currently on the air. This is Sun Li’s performance in the urban-themed workplace drama again after “Settle Down”. This time, the coster Su Xiao, played by her, is with The last time Fang Sijin was very different.

This time wearing old-fashioned and raunchy

In the story of “Ideal City”, the cost engineer Su Xiao went on a rampage in the workplace with an aura of idealism. She opposed “the cost table is also a relationship table” and insisted that “the cost table is the cost table”, which caused her a lot of encounters along the way. Unexplainable unspoken rules of the workplace in one word. This unnamed junior cost engineer did not have his own protagonist halo. Not only did he become a man who had nothing to do with him at the beginning of the game, he was tragically expelled, and because the cost engineer’s qualification certificate was stuck, he hit a wall everywhere in the workplace. A master student who graduated from a prestigious school encountered such a predicament just because of being too honest, and this setting made Su Xiao’s ordinaryness even low in the dust.

Sun Li dressed up as a real estate agency before, but this time Su Xiao not only wore an old-fashioned coat with shabby edges, but also often stayed up all night in the office because of overtime work. He didn’t even care about brushing his teeth and washing his face. Random hair, even her office is a messy environment. In Sun Li’s view, this kind of detail that fully complies with the reality finally made Su Xiao’s character design. “Su Xiao’s choice of clothing is based on her type of work. She doesn’t sit in the office every day. She often goes to the construction site and wears a safety helmet. So people who do this job often wear outdoor clothing, and because she often works overtime and stays up late. She doesn’t have so much time to pay attention to her appearance.”

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The director, who is particularly strict with details, has higher requirements for Su Xiao’s life details. Sun Li said that Su Xiao had a very ordinary costume, but because the sleeves were red, he was ordered to change it by the director. “The director said that because the color is too bright, he wants to’bury’ Su Xiao in the office, and there is no protagonist. Halo.” Sun Li said that a lot of life details are used to pave the way for and present Su Xiao’s character characteristics, such as the busyness and tiredness of the cost engineer’s work. Staying up late working overtime makes people feel.

Actually I don’t like being called “Sun Yip”

Sun Li also has her own views on Su Xiao’s truthfulness and perseverance. Unlike Fang Sijin in the previous “An Jia”, Sun Li believes that Su Xiao grew up in a loved environment, so she has a very strong sense of security and a sense of faith in what she does.

In the play, Tiancheng economist Xia Ming, who appeared as a teacher and friend at the beginning, always confronted Su Xiao on principles and business issues. He repeatedly used Su Xiao’s innocence and simplicity, but provided it as if from the ground. Off-site” support and help. In Sun Li’s view, the fundamental difference between Su Xiao and Xia Ming is that Xia Ming actually recognizes the unspoken rules of the workplace to some extent, but Su Xiao does not recognize them. She only recognizes the rules. “Su Xiao will run into a wall because of this, but for Xia Ming, Su Xiao’s persistence is the ideal city in his mind. This is the realm Xia Ming has always wanted to achieve, but he may not be able to do it, so he will appreciate it very much. Su Xiao.”

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Sun Li also said that such Su Xiao would not clear the customs at all levels from the beginning, and there would still be a lot of wanderings in the process of her advancement and growth. I agree with her, but Su Xiao doesn’t rub the sand in her eyes. She needs to roll in the mud before she can become a big weapon.”

In her previous acting career, Sun Li used to have the name “Sun Yip” to praise her performance and ability, but in this play, Sun Li said that she is very grateful to the director for giving her many opportunities to run in again and again. . “In fact, I really don’t like other people calling me “Sun Yi”, or just give me one time. I think the play needs to be polished. Sometimes it’s not possible to do it twice. The idea is rubbed off, and the hull is slowly peeled off, just like brown rice hulled, and then it becomes exquisite rice. The rice is Su Xiao. This requires a process, and the acting will become more and more accurate.” She said.

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