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Ghost ghost Wu Yingjie celebrates the 16th anniversary of his debut, thanks to fans for accompanying Wu Yingjie’s acting experience

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November 18th is the 16th anniversary of the debut of ghost Wu Yingjie. She posted on Weibo to thank her fans for their company. She wrote: “16 Happy. Thank you for your company and love. 16 years will not be easy. Thank you for loving me. I will Let you continue to love me!!!” Fans also warmly left a message: “I will always love you” and “Happy 16th anniversary of my baby’s debut!”

Guigui Wu Yingjie’s acting experience introduction

In 2005, he made his debut for participating in the TV show “I Love Hei Shihui”. In July 2006, he joined the Black Girl group; in the same year, the group released the album “I Love Black Girl”.

In 2007, he hosted the show “Popular Meimei”; after that, his group released the album “Meimei Private Party”; in the same year, he filmed the TV series “Brown Sugar Macchiato” with members of the black girl and Lollipop group.

In November 2008, filmed the first TV series “Thunderbolt MIT” under his own name. In April 2009, due to the expiration of the contract, she terminated her contract with Channel V. After leaving the Black Girl group, Wu Yingjie developed in her personal capacity; later joined Haohao Entertainment Brokerage Co., Ltd.; in the same year, she participated in the campus idol drama “The Ultimate Three Kingdoms”.

In 2010, he starred in the TV series “My Brother and Me” co-produced by Malaysia and Taiwan; in the same year, he hosted the show “Super Big Game”. In early January 2011, he signed a contract with Polaroid International Entertainment Co., Ltd. and officially became a subordinate artist; in July, he became one of the hosts of the TV show “Golden Taxi”; during the period, he friendly performed Liu Ziqian’s MV “Remember You” and acted as the MV heroine. .

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In 2011, with Ling Xiaosu, Xue Kaiqi, and Li Zonghan co-starred in the costume romantic drama “Painted Skin”, and played the innocent and kind Xia Bing in the drama; in the same year, participated in the romantic drama “Cooking Lover’s Dream”, playing lively, cute and understanding in the drama The pleasant Wang Meiya.

In 2012, starred in the love idol drama “Love Summer 38 degrees C”, and sang the theme song “Foul” of “Love Summer 38 degrees C” and the ending song “The Taste of That Summer”; in the same year, starred in the youth idol “Impossible Blue” dream”.

In February 2013, he participated in the world version of the Korean variety show “We Are Married”, and became an imaginary couple with the Korean group 2PM member Yu Zeyan. After the show was broadcast, the audience paid attention to it; in March, he took over the filming of the costume drama “Youth Four” In May, the costume drama “Legend of Lu Zhen” was broadcast. Wu Yingjie played the kind, just, lively and lovely He Danniang in the drama; June 16th, participated in the world edition of the Korean variety show “We Are Married” In one season, I sang the OST “I ​​Love You” together with my imaginary husband for the show. The song was written by Wu Yingjie and won the championship after the launch of ITUNES in Taiwan. In July, I cooperated with Wu Qilong and Liu Shishi to film the costume romantic drama “Sharp Benevolent Master”; 11 In May, he participated in the youth inspirational idol drama “Lazy Food Diary”; in the same year, Friendship appeared in Hu Xia’s MV “Love is a meter away from me” and acted as the heroine of the MV.

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In March 2014, he co-starred with Luo Zhixiang, Mao Junjie and others in the romantic drama “Shenzhen Shared Rent”, and played Li Meidai, who is a rebellious personality and loves freedom; in September, participated in the youth nostalgic movie “Our Ten Years”. In the same year, the idol drama “Different Beautiful Men” was broadcast on Hunan Satellite TV nationwide.

In January 2015, he sang the hip-hop-style song “Little Bad Bad” with CUG Heiyouji, and participated in the MV of the song; on March 17, the costumed martial arts drama “The Four Famous Young Men” premiered on Hunan Satellite TV. She played the clever, cute and quirky Ling Yiyi in the play; on March 20, she released her first photo album “Ghosts╳Wu Yingjie”. In November of the same year, she starred in the era idol drama “Wearing Tassel Earrings” “The Girl” plays the role of Ruan Qingtian, who has a kind personality and extraordinary hearing. On December 23, attended the 30th Chinese TV Drama Feitian Award Ceremony.

On March 7, 2016, officially signed a contract with the Korean entertainment company CJ E&M, becoming the first mature non-trainee artist in the Korean entertainment industry; on the 27th of the same month, he participated in the reasoning variety show “The First Season of Star Detective” premiered; April , Went to South Korea for training; October 7th, released the first music album “GEMMA”; on the 12th of the same month, released the second photobook “I★MY★ME EMMA Secret”.

In January 2017, as a resident guest, he participated in the recording of the reasoning variety show “The Second Season of the Star Detective”, which will be broadcast on Mango TV from January 13th; as the resident guest, “The Third Season of the Star Detective” 2017 It premiered on Mango TV on September 22, 2005; on October 27, the single “Knock Knock Knock” was released.

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On November 16, 2018, the star reasoning reality show “Star Detective Season 4” was broadcast.

In March 2019, the movie “A Story More Sad Than Sad” was released. She played the quirky cat girl Bonny in the play; on December 13, she participated in the star reasoning reality show “The Fifth Star Detective” Season” aired.

On January 28, 2021, sing the theme song “Little Miracle” for the movie “Princess Girlfriends”; on June 22, the youth campus movie “Years Are Over”, starring in friendship, was broadcast on iQiyi and Tencent Video dual platforms out.


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