Home Entertainment Gioele Dix in Novara to close the celebrations of Dante’s 700 years: “Al Coccia as a playwright with my devoured Heart”

Gioele Dix in Novara to close the celebrations of Dante’s 700 years: “Al Coccia as a playwright with my devoured Heart”

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At the Coccia theater it is a bit like being at home. I went there for the first time in the 80s with Franco Parenti. I was a young actor, thrilled by those dressing rooms on the first floor that allow you to see the whole scene. A magical atmosphere, ideal for the show that was proposed to me: I immediately said yes, thinking about it for a few seconds ». Gioele Dix is ​​excited about his debut in the roles of actor, director and playwright. The occasion is «Cuore devorato», which is premiered at Coccia tonight and tomorrow at 20.30 (tickets from 15 to 30 euros) at the end of the year of celebrations for the 700th anniversary of Dante’s death.

How did the idea of ​​”Devoured Heart” come about?
«It starts from the curiosity that arouses the first sonnet of Dante Alighieri’s“ Vita Nova ”,“ A each’alma jack and gentil core ”. Everyone thinks of the poet as the author of the Divine Comedy. And yet also the “Vita Nova” is a modern text, full of food for thought. The Supreme Poet transforms his relationship into something transcendental, he asks all the “faithful of love” to judge a dream made after meeting Beatrice for the second time, at the age of 18. The answer are three sonnets commissioned to contemporary poets, Francesca Bocca Aldaqre, Fabio Ceresa and Davide Rondoni. I have created a connective tissue, surrounded by excellent composers and the musicians of the Coccia orchestra and choir ».

What is Gioele Dix in this dramaturgy?
“There is my style. I have had several experiences in the past handling quality literature texts, from Greek tragedy to the Bible, passing through Buzzati. The great are a source of inspiration, reflection. Of course, there is no lack of irony. The approach is one of respect, but without awe. Modern, contemporary ».

Is Dante still relevant?
«I would say yes. Its relevance is immense, like that of all the great figures of literature. His work “Vita nova” is a diary of experiences, a beautiful way to understand the poet. I advise young people to read it. The show makes his figure modern ».

Music is flanked by poetry …
«The three sonnets correspond to extremely suggestive madrigals, thanks to the remarkable music composed by Joe Schittino, Cristiano Serino and Marco Taralli. And then there are the dance, the choir and the orchestra. A multimedia show, as we would say today ».

Why did you choose to put the orchestra on stage?
«I chose to inhabit the space of the hole, to get closer to the public. And then because “Cuore devorato” is an ensemble show, where the musicians are part of the scene, not a background. I liked this idea, I wanted to involve them ».

A show that marks the return of numerous artists. How was the period of the pandemic lived?
“Bad. Indeed, after a quiet summer, anxiety now begins to grow, given the current situation. But we are optimistic: we have resumed and people want to go back to the theater. Also Wednesday the room was full for the collateral meeting with the former prosecutor Marilinda Minaccia ».

Were you able to experience the city in these days of testing?
“I’d be lying if I said I was a tourist. We have always remained closed in the theater. But already from the atmosphere you breathe at Coccia you can understand the identity of a city. The theater is beautiful and preserving it means that Novara cares about culture. We only allowed ourselves a snack at the Cannavacciuolo bar. I was thinking of a few slaps, as is usually seen on TV. I must say, obviously ironically, that no one has treated us badly ». –

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