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GM electric cars can use Tesla’s charging network

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GM electric cars can use Tesla’s charging network

DETROIT (AP) — Electric vehicles made by General Motors will be able to use much of Tesla’s extensive charging network starting next year. In addition, GM will adopt Tesla’s connector, the plug that connects an electric vehicle to a charging station.

In this way, GM joins Ford in making its electric vehicles work with almost 12,000 of Tesla’s approximately 17,000 chargers, and both Detroit automakers are pushing to make Tesla’s connector the industry standard. GM CEO Mary Barra and her Tesla counterpart Elon Musk made the announcement Thursday during a conversation on Twitter Spaces.

A couple of weeks ago, Ford CEO Jim Farley was with Musk to announce that Ford EVs will have access to much of Tesla’s EV charging network, the largest in the United States. Farley also said that Ford will switch to Tesla’s connector instead of using the connector the rest of the industry uses.

At the opening bell on Friday, shares of Tesla Inc. rose 6%, a new year high. General Motors Co. gained 3% and Ford Motor Co. 2%.

Initially, owners of GM and Ford electric vehicles will need an adapter to connect to Tesla’s stations, which have their own connector. But both GM and Ford will switch to Tesla’s standard North American charging connector starting with new electric vehicles produced in 2025.

“Like Ford, we see this as an opportunity to expand access to charging,” Barra said, adding that GM hopes the rest of the industry will switch to Tesla’s charging connector, which is different from the CCS connector that is used in most other electric vehicles.

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Musk said that GM and Tesla vehicles will have a level playing field at charging stations.

“We will provide equal support to both,” he said. “The most important thing is that we advance the electric vehicle revolution.”

Financial details of the deal between the two companies were not released Thursday, but GM spokesman Darryll Harrison said GM will not pay Tesla.

“Tesla will get better utilization of their network and all the new charging revenue, which will help them further expand the network,” Harrison said. “There are other opportunities that both companies can take advantage of as a result of the agreement.”

Details of how customers will gain access are still being worked out. Owners of GM electric vehicles may have to pay a monthly fee to access Tesla’s charging network, or they may pay per use. Current GM owners will likely need to purchase the adapter, Harrison said.

Barra said joining Tesla’s network will nearly double the number of chargers available to GM EV owners.

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