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Golden Rooster Festival on the Cloud, a cultural and entertainment feast in the 5G meta-universe era

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You can go straight to the Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival without leaving home; meet a few friends, open a VIP box yourself, and watch movies at home together; while waiting for the call, you can look back on the highlight moments in the movie…China MobileMigu as the 2021 China Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival and the 34thChinese filmThe Golden Rooster Award’s strategic partner throughout the whole process, and the Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival “hand in hand” for three times, based on creating a film festival with meta-universal characteristics and an all-round immersive social experience.China MobileThe Xiamen branch will provide high-speed and reliable 5G network guarantee for this film festival.

Reporter Huang Qi, correspondent Chen Yixun

“5G+XR” enters the battlefield and interacts closely with celebrities

This year, continue the “AI Wow Golden Rooster” brand,China MobileMigu will upgrade the “Golden Rooster Festival on the Cloud” online zone to create the “Meta Universe” of Migu’s Golden Rooster, and build online movies, technology, good things, national style, trend planets through 5G+XR technology, providing viewing, shopping, playing, Gather and enjoy a one-stop experience.

“Last year we launched a lot of interactive experience projects, I believe many users are still fresh. We use 3Davatar technology to create celebrity avatars and create’Avenue of Stars’, users can creatively co-produce with their favorite movie stars in AR; through’Film Academy’, To build a learning and communication platform for people who love movies. This year, we will further combine 5G+XR technology to create more interactive and immersive experiences.”China MobileThe relevant person in charge of Migu Xiamen said.

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5G ultra-high-definition video ring tones take you to “watch movies”

“I called a friend, but before the call was connected, a scene from “Zhu Xian” appeared on my mobile phone. This operation is too advanced.” What the user Ms. Lin said isChina MobileA “black technology” launched-5G ultra-high-definition video ring tones.

“As the full strategic partner of this Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival, the company will also provide a series of audio-visual benefits for Xiamen Mobile users this year. First of all, it will bring fans such call-grabbing welfare activities and have the opportunity to receive Golden Rooster tickets and large mobile Prizes such as traffic/voice packs or Migu animation mall coupons; the “Golden Rooster Video RBT Trending Zone” area will also be launched. Users can view the highlight moments, outstanding presentations, and wonderful reviews in different areas of 9 seconds, 15 seconds, and 45 seconds. “

At present, the original price of the video ring back tone function is 6 yuan/month, and the annual package discount is as low as 3 yuan/month. Send SMS *23 to 10086 to apply.

Form a private room to invite friends to watch movies

During the Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival, fans can use the Migu Video APP,China MobileEnjoy “new views” in the 5GFUN theater on Mobaihe.

The 5GFUN Theater is a selected movie platform built by China Mobile based on the home broadband system, relying on the advantages of Mobaihe user scale and 5G technology, and homes can enjoy the blockbuster movies. By cooperating with the Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival, the 5GFUN Theater will move the cinema movie online, bringing a richer and more personalized cloud viewing experience.

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Relying on mobile 5G technology, Migu Video APP creates a “cloud box” black technology for watching movies. Users can create private rooms online and invite friends to watch movies together.


Xiamen Mobile 5G users

You can check the Internet age to lead the flow to see the golden rooster

At present, Xiamen Mobile has established more than 4,000 5G sites, and its network coverage extends from the core urban areas inside and outside the island to the industrial parks and key towns outside the island. At the same time, it is located in airports, train stations, cross-sea tunnels, large-scale supermarkets, hospitals, and stars. Hotels and other places have promoted the reinforcement of indoor deep coverage in an orderly manner.

Now, China Mobile Xiamen Branch has launched the “Check Internet Age, Lead Traffic and Watch Golden Rooster” activity. Xiamen Mobile users can send “5G1000” to 10086 or scan the QR code on the left to participate. You can receive up to 120G of traffic + 60 yuan worth of rights gift. For information about this Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival, you can also scan the QR code.

(Source: Xiamen Evening News)


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