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Gong Hanlin Talks About His Directorial Debut “My Family Married Hua Mulan”

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Gong Hanlin Talks About His Directorial Debut “My Family Married Hua Mulan”

Gong Hanlin Debuts as Screenwriter and Director with “My Family Married Hua Mulan”

In a recent exclusive release, the urban youth inspirational comedy “My Family Married Hua Mulan”, written and directed by Gong Hanlin, made its debut in the “On Demand Hall” of LeTV Video. This marks Gong Hanlin’s first foray into screenwriting and directing at the age of 66, and he describes the move as “a decision whose time has come.”

Gong Hanlin, a well-known “Spring Festival Gala star” and famous sketch actor, has shifted his creative focus to film and television in recent years, staying away from the CCTV Spring Festival Gala stage. Despite this shift, comedy remains his unwavering passion. His dream of writing and directing a film has finally been realized with “My Family Married Hua Mulan”.

The film is described as a humorous romantic light comedy with an urban inspirational theme. Gong Hanlin expressed that although being a director and screenwriter is challenging, he felt happy and fulfilled in the endeavor. The storyline centers around a woman seeking employment and addresses issues such as prejudice and injustice in the job search process.

“My Family Married Hua Mulan” features a star-studded cast of prominent comedians from various comedy programs, including cross talk and sketch actors such as Fang Qingping, Li Weijian, He Yunwei, and Bai Kainan. The film’s comedy element is lauded as the most noteworthy aspect. Despite his hiatus from the Spring Festival Gala stage, Gong Hanlin’s attention to the platform remains evident as he carefully selects his creative projects.

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As a prolific cross talk actor himself, Gong Hanlin attributes his ability to amass such a talented ensemble cast to his deep friendships within the industry. He also shares his intentions to continue directing and has three movie scripts in development.

Addressing the Spring Festival Gala, Gong Hanlin emphasizes the importance of quality works that resonate with audiences, referencing the lasting impact of the late Teacher Zhao Lirong’s creations. He stresses the significance of creating enduring, socially relevant works over making appearances for the sake of it.

Reflecting on the creative process, Gong Hanlin stresses the importance of maintaining a stringent approach while also allowing for criticism and improvement. He cites the example of director Wong Kar-Wai’s dedication to a three-year-long production, highlighting the value of meticulous, quality-driven work.

Gong Hanlin’s directorial debut “My Family Married Hua Mulan” delivers a message of resilience, pursuing one’s dreams, and addressing societal issues through a comedic lens. As he continues his journey as a filmmaker, Gong Hanlin’s commitment to crafting meaningful, enduring works stands as a testament to his dedication to the art form.

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