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good hair day essentials | המלבישה

“The holidays”, or in their longer name: the season when you can start hoping for a good hair day here and there.
The ingredients (including a discount on Daphne in the next 72 hours):
01 Daphne brush. As guaranteed: 17% discount with the code SHELLY until 9/13 at midnight on the brushes and cases, in addition to the discounts already on the website. Note that the Classic Valor brushes, for example, are at really big discounts, so together with my discount it’s really worth it (the Dafni Classic costs NIS 350 with the code). By the way, Cosmopolitan just published an article about the twelve outstanding smoothing brushes and announced that Daphne Power is one of the only brushes that also work on type 4c hair (the most curly and dense).
02 protection serum. For years I neglected and straightened my hair without this protective layer, but not anymore. Beyond the protection that this serum provides (I hope) it seems to me that it makes the hair easier to style and shinier. Maybe it’s just me (my code won’t work on the serum, but it’s 35% off anyway).
03 hair oil. I’m a groupie of the Sisley Paris oil (expensive and lasts forever. I don’t have a discount on it right now), but anything that works for you and gives movement back to the hair.
04 clips. Thank God for Tiktok’s trends that brought the clips from the nineties back to the forefront (they are so prominent that Prada and Gucci released their own clips). The entire web is full of videos that will show you how to collect your hair using the clips just like Hailey Bieber or Kylie Jenner, and overall these are videos that contribute to the feeling of success, just like making the bed when you get up in the morning. It is impossible to fail and a sense of achievement is very nice.
The clips in the pictures: on the models: one from Cos and one from Erkett. Walking around freely: golden clip from Super Pharm, small speckled clip from Super Pharm, Gucci clip.

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order of actions:
> overlap and wait for the hair to dry (this is another opportunity to recommend the microfiber towel which significantly shortens the drying time and reduces frizz).
> Sprays protective serum and brushes so that there are no knots.
> Collect part of the hair in a clip and brush the hair in parts with our favorite Daphne brush (I usually use the classic).
> That’s it, a little serum to have a nice shine and collect all the hair with the clip that appeared in the first act to let the hair relax (by God it works).
> Release the clips or adopt the trend and stay that way.

For those who want to stick with the clips, some inspiration from Rachel Green:

If you are left with the clip, release it when you drive. They say it’s dangerous (and even if it’s not dangerous, it’s annoying)

Straight from the playlist I made for myself for Rosh Hashanah.

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