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Good time at home, keep this high-score video chasing guide-Hangzhou News Center-Hangzhou Net

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Good time at home, keep this high-score video chasing guide-Hangzhou News Center-Hangzhou Net

During the Spring Festival, talk to your family and friends about the wonderful things

Finally, it is back to the traditional rhythm of the Spring Festival. We set off from all over the world, returned to our hometown after a long absence, and enjoyed a rare reunion.

When you have a good time at home, it is natural to watch dramas and movies. The reporter selected some small surprises and accidents from the high-scoring video works from the Year of the Tiger to the Year of the Rabbit. During the Spring Festival, chat with family and friends about those beautiful things.


● “I still think you are the best”

Douban score: 7.4

Viewing platforms: Migu Video, Station B, Youku Video, iQiyi Video

A high-quality Hong Kong-produced comedy rarely seen in recent years, about family, love, and the integration and development of Hong Kong’s old and new cultures. A family of three brothers, the eldest brother (David Wong)’s obsessed ex-girlfriend Monica (Teng Lexin) has become the second brother’s current girlfriend (played by Zhang Jicong). Driven by self-esteem, the eldest brother agreed to the pursuit of his new acquaintance Miao Miao (played by Lin Mingzhen). The third brother (Chen Zhanwen) and his girlfriend Josephine (Ivana Wong) have been dating each other for many years and are facing a love crisis.

Under the same roof, three couples, four love affairs, the gathering of everyone having a meal every night has gradually turned into a dinner table, laughing and laughing. Facing old love and new love, what choice will Big Brother make? What should we do with this home that everyone has worked so hard to maintain?

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Almost the whole story takes place in the “home”, and the climax is concentrated at the dinner table. The dialogue and various details shape the characters and stories, making the film present the classic “Hong Kong flavor” and life interest.

● “Sniper”

Douban score: 7.7

Viewing platforms: Migu Video, Station B, Youku Video, iQiyi Video, Tencent Video, Mango TV

The film is adapted from the deeds of sharpshooters in the “Cold Gun” movement in the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea. From the winter of 1952 to the beginning of 1953, the Chinese People’s Volunteers and the “United Nations Army” formed a stalemate on the Korean battlefield. The two sides launched a low-intensity intensive sniper battle, known as the “Cold Gun Movement”. The fifth sniper squad under the leadership of the company commander (played by Zhang Yi) has excellent marksmanship and has become a serious problem for the enemy. Squad leader Liu Wenwu (played by Zhang Yu) has become a key target of sniping. In order to severely damage the fifth sniper squad, the enemy deployed an elite sniper team equipped with the most advanced weapons and equipment, and even forced the fifth sniper squad fighter Dayong (played by Chen Yongsheng) and others to enter the pre-set danger to save their companions. Just when the enemy started their wishful thinking, unexpectedly, the scout Liangliang (played by Liu Yitie) who was used as a bait actually had a bigger secret hidden in him.

Zhang Yimou took a sniper movie that is relatively small and extremely difficult to grasp in a war movie theme, and made the ups and downs of a suspense movie.

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● “Take you to see my mother”

Douban score: 7.4

Watching Platform: Tencent Video Youku Video Migu Video

The film tells about the inner growth and changes of an ordinary and stubborn traditional mother in a seaside town in Chaoshan during her conflict with her son’s marriage problems. The film portrays a three-dimensional image of a Chaoshan mother with real brushstrokes and lenses. She has all the advantages of Chaoshan women, and also has the ideological shackles brought to her by the traditional land of Chaoshan. But in the ideological collision with the young son, because of maternal love, the most solid ideological wall in the mother’s heart was shaken. 70% of the dialogue in the film is in Chaoshan dialect, and the main actors are all local amateurs from Chaoshan.

At the end, the mother reconciles with herself and fulfills her son’s love. The director explained: “In reality, traditional fetters and prejudices have caused too much separation of love, which makes us feel very sorry, and this is why we filmed this story. The starting point. So at the end of the film, we want everyone to see love and hope. In real life, we have indeed seen many parents of our generation change for love.”

● “Mom! “

Douban score: 7.5

Viewing platforms: Mango TV, Tencent Video, Youku Video, iQiyi Video

It can be called the tear-jerker film of the year. An 85-year-old mother (played by Wu Yanshu) and a 65-year-old daughter (played by Xi Meijuan) live together. The daughter is burdened with guilt towards her father and lives a Puritan-like life. Alzheimer’s disease has made her a different person. The elderly mother needs to devote tenacious vitality to take care of her daughter. The two lives complement each other and reflect each other in the process, and two generations of intellectuals in different situations show their understanding of life and life in the confrontation. What’s more touching is that “Mom! “did not stop at discussing mother-daughter stories, but intuitively presented real issues such as population aging, pension issues, and Alzheimer’s disease in front of the big screen.

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