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Goodbye triangles, in Spain the flashing light is used

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Did you know that a law that changes road signs has come into force in Spain since July? One of the most important innovations concerns the V-16. What is that? The flashing light, the one we usually see on ambulances, blue cars and police forces. Now they can, indeed they must, also use private vehicles. In case of danger, of course, not to run around faster. In fact, in Spain they have decided to abandon the typical triangles. They, the Iberians, even envisaged two at a distance of 50 meters, one in front and one behind.

Now, with the new emergency light you can signal the danger on the road without having to get out of the car: just place it on the roof (for convertibles it’s another matter …). Not only that: for now the Spanish motorists can still use the trinagoli, but from 1 January 2026 the V-16 light will be the only valid and mandatory device, perhaps even with geolocation, something that very few devices incorporate today. It’s Italy?


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