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‘Gotham Knight’ Release Trailer, Ethan Hawke Talks ‘Black Phone’

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‘Gotham Knight’ Release Trailer, Ethan Hawke Talks ‘Black Phone’
Gotham Knights

Sina Entertainment News, Beijing time on June 7th, according to foreign media reports, a number of new Hollywood dramas have recently released previews: CW’s new drama “Gotham Knights” has released a preview, which will be broadcast next year. After Batman is murdered, his adopted sons unexpectedly team up with the children of some of their mortal enemies, because they are all framed as Batman’s killers and become the most wanted objects in the city. This uneven team must fight for their innocence, but Gotham, without the protection of the Dark Knight, is caught in the most dangerous quagmire. And hope always comes from the most unexpected places, these fugitives have become the new generation of guardians of the city – “Gotham Knights”.

Misha Collins (“Supernatural”) as Harvey Dent, a charismatic and demanding district attorney with a stereotyped, idealistic, obsessive pursuit of right and wrong Righteous, but ironically and tragically one of Gotham’s most terrifying villains…

Fallon Smythe, Tyler DiChiara and others also star, and Batwoman’s Chad Fiveash, James Stoteraux and Natalie Abrams serve as screenwriters.

Ethan Hawke’s Blumhouse horror film “Black Phone” releases a special, and he’s here to introduce the thriller.

“Doctor Strange” director Scott Derrickson, who has worked with Hawke since “Sinister” and also starred Mason Thames (“For All Humanity”), opens in North America on June 24.

Based on Joe Hill’s novel, Finney (Thames), a shy and bright 13-year-old boy, is kidnapped and locked in a soundproof basement, but every night he receives calls from the dead from an old unserviced cell phone. Phone, these people all died at the hands of this kidnapper (Hawk), and they will do their best to protect Finney from being killed.

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The drama version of “American Gigolo” has released a teaser trailer, which will be broadcast on Showtime. A remake of the 1980 film of the same name, starring Joe Burnser “The Punisher” and Gretchen Moore (“Empire Atlantic”), with Burnser playing the contemporary version of “American Gigolo” – a down-and-out California sex industry worker Author Julian Kaye, who was convicted of murder and jailed 15 years ago, is now reborn as he deals with his relationship with his old love Michelle (Moore), cares for his ailing mother and finds out who betrayed him, while police detectives A larger conspiracy has also been implicated in the investigation into the past murders.

Showtime’s new drama “Three Women” has released a preview and will start airing in the fall. Shailene Woodley, DeWanda Wise, Betty Gilpin, Gabriella Creevey, Blair Underwood, Laura Kirk, Austin Stowell and more.

Louise Friedberg (“House of Cards”, “Space Pioneers”) directed the first two episodes, Laura Eason (“House of Cards”), Kathy Ciric (“Descendants of the Romanovs”), Amy Rowe Executive production by Mori et al.

Based on Lisa Tadeo’s book of the same name, it focuses on the controversial emotional and sexual lives of three American women: Lina (Gilpin), a suburban Indiana housewife whose marriage lost its passion after a decade , after reconnecting with an old lover via social media, began an extramarital affair, and the new relationship quickly took over her full energy and changed her life.

Maggie (Creeve), a North Dakota schoolgirl, has weathered a violent storm after accusing her married English teacher of having an inappropriate relationship with her.

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Sloan (Wise) is a beautiful, successful, elegant restaurateur with an exclusive enclave in the Northeast who is married to a man who loves to watch her have sex with other men/women.

Gia (Woodley), a bereaved author, persuades three extraordinary “ordinary” women to tell their stories, and her relationship with them changed her life forever.

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