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Granger 2023 Whiskey L! Wonderland: Glenmorangie Collaborates with Chen Peng for Innovative Art Installation

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Granger 2023 Whiskey L! Wonderland: Glenmorangie Collaborates with Chen Peng for Innovative Art Installation

Glenmorangie Partners with Fashion Designer Chen Peng for Whiskey L! International Exhibition

[August 10, 2023, Shanghai] Scottish single malt whiskey brand Glenmorangie has collaborated with fashion designer Chen Peng to present an original art installation called “Breath of Land” at the 2023 Whiskey L! International trendy spirits exhibition. The installation, inspired by Glenmorangie’s concept of “fun, wonderful” and the rich flavor of its 18-year-old whiskey, offers visitors an imaginative experience.

Dr. Bill Lumsden, Creative Director of Glenmorangie Whiskey, joined Chen Peng to unveil this cross-border work. Chen Peng, known for his imaginative designs and unique personal style, participated in the costume design for the Beijing Winter Olympics. Dr. Liang Sidun, Granger’s Creative Director, praised Chen Peng’s talent and his alignment with Granger’s spirit of innovation.

The “Breath of the Earth” art installation stands at 3 meters high and is shaped like a fig covered with down feathers, creating a warm and comforting environment. The interior space, designed in a honeycomb shape, features a unique floral and fruity aroma that complements the flavor of Glenmorangie 18 years. With 108 honeycomb-shaped mirrors that reflect a kaleidoscope of interesting ideas, the installation represents Granger’s infinite flavor charm and innovative power.

Chen Peng’s collaboration with Glenmorangie began in May when he visited the Glenmorangie headquarters and winery in Scotland. Immersed in the customs and culture of the Scottish Highlands, Chen Peng drew inspiration from the aroma of wheat in the air and the passion of the winemakers. He translated his experiences into the art manuscript, which eventually became the “Breath of the Earth” installation, symbolizing the connection between humans and nature.

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At the exhibition site, the “Breath of the Earth” installation dazzled visitors with its changing colors, resembling a technological luminous body landing in a golden wheat field. The iconic giraffe and distiller figures welcomed guests to the Granger Jie world, offering a fun paradise. Visitors can enjoy Granger’s special blend and explore various thematic corners, such as the “golden sunset” with hot air balloons as the main visual.

Until August 13, visitors can scan the Granger Mini Program at Whiskey L! and register as an exclusive member to receive a free glass of Granger Fancy Special Blend at the Granger Fun Bar. There is also a chance to meet Dr. Liang Sidun and taste different Glenmorangie single malt whiskeys.

The collaboration between Glenmorangie and Chen Peng showcases the brand’s commitment to innovation and delivering diverse products and experiences to Chinese consumers who appreciate the world of Glenmorangie. It is a reminder to enjoy whiskey responsibly.

Please note: This article encourages responsible drinking.

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