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Grindetti after winning the internship against Santilli: “They are going to leave a time bomb”

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Grindetti after winning the internship against Santilli: “They are going to leave a time bomb”

The pre-candidates for governors of Together for Change, Nestor Grindetti y Diego SantilliThey waited until around half past one in the morning to go on stage from their bunker in Parque Norte. The recount of votes gave the inmate to the mayor of Lanús on leave, who warned that the ruling party is going to leave “a time bomb.”

“If we go with concrete proposals, perhaps the neighbors who are disenchanted with the current government, with an absent State, or those who voted for Carolina Píparo will come. You have to have empathy and listen. We have to have a lot of courage. We have to prepare ourselves because the current ruling party is going to leave us a time bomb“, he stated.

In the province of Buenos Aires, Kicillof prevailed, and Grindetti defeated Santilli in the internal JvC

After prevailing over Santilli with a very short difference, around 25 thousand votes, and both being below the current Buenos Aires governor, Axel Kicillofwho obtained 36% of the votes against 33% for JxC, Grindetti added: “Rather than seeing how one tends a strategy to capture which vote, we must go forward with our ideas and values. And with the knowledge we have of the public administration”.

The now candidate for governor of Juntos por el Cambio on the list led by Patricia BullrichIn principle, he monitored the elections from Lanús and after the first results were known, he went to Parque Norte to meet with the national leaders.

For his part, the national deputy who lost the opposition intern said: “Now we are going to work together. We are a team. Now we are all together and we are going to move forward. We have a horizon that will require ideas, work and grit to win the elections in October.”

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Néstor Grindetti and Diego Santilli were shown together after the results of the internal opposition were announced.

“We were not estranged, we simply had a tactical difference on how to approach the strategy, but we always said that the one who won led and the one who lost followed. The teams know each other a lot, we are going to agree, we can work with concrete proposals”, he remarked.

Grindetti, who will compete for the governorship of the province of Buenos Aires in October, voted at the provincial school number 28, in Lanús Oeste, after sharing breakfast with the candidate for district mayor, Diego Kravetzand the provincial deputy and head of the provincial campaign, Adrián Urreli.

“It is the opportune moment where they have to express what the neighbor thinks with reason and heart about the future of the country and the province. (…) Voting is a right and an obligation that we must all exercise,” he said after leaving the dark room.


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