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Guan Xiaotong: Farewell to the campus with “Liang Shuang”

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Guan Xiaotong: Farewell to the campus with “Liang Shuang”

Original title: “Twenty Do Not Confused 2” has finally been affirmed (quote title)

Guan Xiaotong: farewell to campus with “Liang Shuang” (theme)

Text/Beijing Youth Daily reporter Yang Wenjie

Guan Xiaotong, who was born as a child star, although only 25 years old this year, already has a “long” acting career. In this resume that can definitely be called a “model worker”, there are many works, but the most memorable point is the arrogant Beijing chick-like character. The hard work pays off. “Twenty Do Not Confused 2”, which just ended this summer, not only won the recognition for the drama, but also entered the Douban 8-point club, and Guan Xiaotong’s acting skills and reputation ushered in another highlight moment.

Why does “Liang Shuang” in “Twenty Do Not Confused 2” make people look at Guan Xiaotong with admiration? First of all, the current “Liang Shuang” is fuller and more emotional than the first. For example, when the boss wants to terminate the contract with her in the play, she did not go to another company or set up her own business, but chose to continue to “endure humiliation and bear the burden” and re-upgrade from the bottom of the company to fight monsters, even if all the previous halo and treatment are gone, she will try her best. Counterattack… In the second part, the scenes of several girls are still average, but it is precisely because the anti-routine character design of “Liang Shuang” can give young people a lot of inspiration.

In addition to the brilliance given by the character itself, Guan Xiaotong’s personal growth in reality is at the same frequency as the characters in the play, which is also an important reason why the acting is believable and lamentable. In the first season of “Twenty Do Not Confused”, “Liang Shuang” was facing college graduation. The troubles of college dormitory girls and the ideal of becoming a beauty blogger were limited to “roles”; by coincidence, Guan Xiaotong also happened to be at that time. After graduating from college, she transformed from a child star to an independent actress in the “Pathfinder” stage. In the second part, at the beginning, “Liang Shuang” has realized the dream of being a quasi-head beauty anchor. In reality, Guan Xiaotong, after several years of hard work, has also successfully occupied a place in the fields of film and television, variety shows, and new media. The perception of career and life is obviously deeper, and the character is also becoming more mature.

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Recently, Guan Xiaotong was interviewed by Beijing Youth Daily. She admits that Liang Shuang’s toughness is very attractive to her, “She can get up when she falls, and nothing can break her.” When thinking about the future of “Sister Shuang”, Guan Xiaotong hopes that she can continue to focus on her career and “become a female president.” “.


Beiqing Daily: What kind of unique existence do you think the “Twenty Do Not Confused” series has in your personal acting career?

Guan Xiaotong: “Twenty Do Not Confused” is my first work that has a sequel. Different ages perform different stages of Liang Shuang. The characters are like staying by my side, and I will meet again if I look forward to it.

Beiqing Daily: Which part is the most unforgettable part of your shaping of Liang Shuang?

Guan Xiaotong: The most memorable are the two crying scenes of finding a face towel and saying goodbye by the sea, one is difficult to get out of the miss, and the other is to let go of the past and say goodbye. These two scenes were very challenging. The scene of finding a face towel was in the bathroom and needed to change camera positions. I cried several times, and I couldn’t stop feeling emotional during the preparation.

Beiqing Daily: Liang Shuang’s emotional line is particularly embarrassing. Liang Shuang, known as “Sister Shuang”, is emotionally fragile and compromised, and has a sense of separation from her character. What do you think?

Guan Xiaotong: Liang Shuang and Zhao Youwei are the love of a rabbit and a tortoise. They fell in love with each other with their own personality when they were 20 years old, but they drifted apart due to different life paces. Neither of them is wrong, it is due to their personalities. If either party changes themselves, it will not be the one they fell in love with at the beginning. Netizens also say that this is a kind of tragic aesthetics.

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Beiqing Daily: The details of the opening of the head anchor of beauty makeup and learning to sell soy sauce and light soy sauce are particularly true. Your performance is also very immersive, which makes people smile. In recent years, the anchor industry has been booming. Have your own experiences and life observations been used in the drama?

Guan Xiaotong: Liang Shuang’s comfort zone is beauty and bronze in life, but she is willing to break through herself and try to explore new fields. In life, I like to watch the sharing of beauty bloggers, and I also like to watch live broadcasts. I will add my own experience and observations to the details of the characters.

Beiqing Daily: In recent years, your career has taken into account film, television, song and variety shows, and has developed in an all-round way. How is such a route considered? With the development of experience and interests, what areas may the main energy be devoted to in the future?

Guan Xiaotong: The focus is definitely on performance, try to shoot the works well, don’t set limits for yourself, and keep curiosity.

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