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Gucci goes deep into the lifestyle field: launches a stationery series; redesigns the luxury hotel suites where the founder worked in the early years

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Italian luxury brand Gucci has launched its first lifestyle series “Gucci Cartoleria” (Italian, meaning “Gucci Stationery”), including notebooks, pens, pencils, letter paper, games, etc., and opened in Milan Opened a special temporary store.

This marks a major trend in the fashion industry. Fashion companies are increasingly exploring areas other than clothes or accessories, launching some new products with the concept of brand “lifestyle”, such as Chanel’s surfboard, Saint Laurent ( Saint Laurent’s condoms, Prada’s tableware, or Maison Margiela’s egg carton.

Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele said: “When I was a child, I went to the stationery store to find pencils, pens, notebooks, board games… (launching this series) meant bringing dreams into my daily life. These items The workmanship is exquisite and reflects the exquisite craftsmanship. Although they are part of my daily life, they exude a magical, mysterious and wonderful temperament.”

Gucci’s temporary store in Milan, inspired by “Alice in Wonderland”, presents a fairy tale-like fantasy space. Alessandro Michele said that he imagined this place as a small cabinet for collecting rare and exotic treasures, just like “Alibaba’s treasure cave”, which can add a fairy-tale texture to the most common items.

He said: “This is a sense of ritual (consecration), I should pay my respect. I can include them in the collection a long time ago, but they are not strictly related to clothing and accessories. That’s why I want to create one To accommodate them in a whimsical space, regain that wonderful and precious feeling in daily life.”

This temporary store is located at Via Manzoni 19 and will be open during Milan Design Week until September 17. In other parts of the world, the Gucci Cartoleria series will be available on the Gucci boutique and its official website starting from September 10th.

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Each item in this series has the characteristics of Gucci, most of the materials use Gucci’s Demetra™ fabric, which is developed by Gucci’s own technicians and craftsmen, using renewable and plant-derived animal-free alternative raw materials, after similar Made by the process of tanning leather.

Gucci also invited Max Siedentopf to shoot three surrealist video clips in the Sonnino castle built by the Medici family in the 16th century, showing the theme of “chess and card games”, “home leisure” and “stationery” in the series. “theme.

Gucci’s exploration of lifestyle does not stop there. On the occasion of celebrating the brand’s 100th anniversary, Gucci also redesigned the Royal Suite at The Savoy Hotel in London, England. Before founding Gucci in 1921, Mr. Guccio Gucci worked as a doorman in this hotel. This experience influenced his understanding of high fashion and luxury lifestyle. The Aria series launched by Gucci in April this year was also released in this hotel.

The Savoy Royal Suite covers an area of ​​2,852 square feet and overlooks the Thames River. Gucci refurbished this place with the Gucci Décor home collection. It also cooperated with Christie’s auction house (Christie’s), which provided some art and antiques. All extra items in this suite can be purchased through Gucci or Christie’s private auction service. In essence, this suite is a top luxury store.

Adrien Meyer, Global Head of Private Auctions at Christie’s, said: “This is an excellent opportunity to work with two iconic luxury brands and bring our private auction services to guests of this London hotel. At Christie’s, top luxury Surrounded by art. In cooperation with Gucci, the Royal Suite at The Savoy Hotel will become London’s most high-end residence.”

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Despite the refurbishment and the addition of some special services, the price of staying in this suite has remained at the usual level, starting at approximately US$22,000 per night. Gucci has prepared a professional butler and many gifts for the guests here, and provides Rolls-Royce transfers within three miles of the hotel. Guests can also enjoy the private shopping experience of Gucci’s London boutique.

Franck Arnold, General Manager of The Savoy, said: “I am very pleased to have such a creative collaboration with the brand on the occasion of Gucci’s centennial celebration, and to vividly present the history of the brand closely linked to us to contemporary audiences. We are honored to launch. The remodeled Royal Suite provides guests with a wonderful experience and excellent service, which also represents the global reputation of our two brands.”

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