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Guo Biting hasn’t returned to work for a long time, and she exposes herself to be a baby madman and can’t conceal her happiness jqknews

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Original title: Guo Biting has been in good condition after returning to work for a long time

Sohu Entertainment News on the 18th, Guo Biting returned to work after the birth of a new variety show. Guo Biting was in Taipei, so she appeared on the big screen through a remote connection. She participated in interaction and sharing throughout the whole process, and she also broke the news about the sweet happiness in life.

One of the topics mentioned in the show was the chat records between girls and girlfriends. Guo Biting said that she had forgotten to talk about something, and then she added that she was a baboon and a monster. Others asked her how is she doing? She then took out her mobile phone and said to her friend, “Look at my baby”. Most of the time she was talking about her children. When she mentioned her daughter, Guo Biting was also happy.

When it comes to the topic of fitness, Guo Biting shows her affection even more. She bluntly said that Xiang Zuo would not hold her when she was practicing. After all, she is a zero-based person, but she accompanies her husband to practice exercises and thinks he is really amazing. The overall feeling is great. In addition, when talking about the topic of her husband’s good martial arts, Guo Biting also coquettishly said that she would be scared when watching, but she would also ask some questions about fitness in private, because she felt that Xiang Zuo was very good at fitness, yoga and martial arts. Experience, and Xiang Zuo will also teach her some small movements, and finally praised her husband as a teacher.

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In addition, the best friend also took the opportunity to break the news, revealing that in private everyone called Xiang Zuo a “garage hero”, because Xiang Zuo often practiced in his garage. Two days ago, Xiang Zuo also showed off his affection in a high-profile manner. After attending a friend’s activity, Xiang Zuo bluntly said that he missed Guo Biting and his daughter, and hoped that his wife and daughter would come to him quickly, and also revealed that his daughter is very cute.Return to Sohu to see more


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