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HAAVARD – Haavard

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HAAVARD – Haavard

(Folk | Celtic | Instrumental)

Label: Prophecy Productions
Format: (LP)

Release: 11.11.2022

Norwegian-born visionary Håvard Jørgensen may be involved in all sorts of non-metallic projects these days, but the 47-year-old singer and multi-instrumentalist could break into the scene with his involvement with DOLD VORDE ENS NAVN, WOLVES or SATYRICON be familiar to many a Black Metal fan. Also his quasi-solo project HAAVARD shows a man from his calm side. I would like to explain to you here why fans of extreme tones should risk an ear here.

The debut is almost completely instrumental, is primarily supported by acoustic instruments, strings and a mystical atmosphere, but it still gets intense. Somewhere between traditional folklore, dark melancholy, but also danceable moments and almost romantic melodies, the man from the north delivers breathtaking soundscapes that could also pass as the soundtrack of historical or fantastic Hollywood productions. So goosebumps are definitely guaranteed. And even if the material sometimes seems gloomy or sad, the motto “There is strength in stillness” always applies. And this power of nature, which you can literally feel here, is enormous.

The production is wonderfully transparent, so that you can hear every instrument with headphones. Jørgensen could easily write intros, interludes or even entire acoustic numbers for bands of all genres with his talented guest musicians, because many a song on the debut would also fit wonderfully on a Black, Death or Power Metal disc in this form. Still, I’m particularly fond of the acoustic numbers of SUIDAKRA remind. The thesis is again underlined by the fact that “Kveldssang II” is the successor to one of his acoustic masterpieces from ULVER. And the guest contribution by Kristoffer Rygg (also ULVER), who also intones minimal backings together with Torgeir Waldemar, shows that the pieces would also work wonderfully with subtle, soulful vocals.

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As mentioned at the beginning, HAAVARD isn’t a project for classic metal fans, but it’s not utopian far from it either. The self-titled debut is a big surprise for me and at the same time a small masterpiece. More of that!

Tracklist „Haavard“:

1. Spring
2. Heartwood
3. Oberon
4. The Chase
5. The snow cap
6. Emmanuelle
7. Eastwood
8. Ninth of March
9. Evensong Ii
10. Mourning march
11. Against Soleglad
12. Ant roll
13. Athena
Total playing time:



HAAVARD - Haavard
HAAVARD – Haavard
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