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Hamdim | June 2023 | the dress

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Hamdim |  June 2023 |  the dress

All I want to wear right now (yeah, I know, it’ll be too hot for that soon, this isn’t my first summer on the ball as you know): A big men’s shirt over jeans.
It’s not just that this is all I want to wear right now, this is all I’m wearing right now:
In the pictures:
01 Caroline Corinth
02 Emma Elwin
03 Sidsel Alling (she’s wearing a bra, because this photo is from her collaboration with Triumph)
04 From the story of Mittal Weinberg Ader (her shirt from Cos)
05 Everything I’m wearing right now

Serving suggestion
Difficulty: Very easy, you have the ingredients at home and all you need to succeed with this look is to know how to button.
The vibe: I wore jeans and a tank top and then went into my studio to paint a bit and threw on a big man’s shirt.

Shirt: plan b /// Jeans: everlane. In the picture above, I am wearing this model, size 33. I already have the second version, colors I have /// sunglasses with a transparent frame /// Birkenstock model Arizona

The last time I dressed like this was in the late eighties – early nineties. I came to this crack following the advertisement of Nems in a cup that starred in cinemas at the time. patient zero is the girl you’ll see for a second and a half at about 00:35: with curls, glasses and a big button-up shirt. The ad was indeed to melt in a glass, but a second and a half is all it took to convince me that this is all I want to wear.

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