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handhandhand x Enikő Katalin Eged pop-up parade Shanghai station to explore the ideal place for atmosphere and art

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handhandhand x Enikő Katalin Eged pop-up parade Shanghai station to explore the ideal place for atmosphere and art

Brand official

flash time


10am – 7pm


Room 102, No. 233, South Shanxi Road, Shanghai

Hardcore Planet TOUGH PLANET 2F




free admission

handhandhand and illustrator enikő katalin eged jointly launched the atmosphere gift box

Brand official

At the beginning of the year, the atmosphere brand handhandhand and the Hungarian illustrator Enikő Katalin Eged jointly launched the artist series atmosphere gift box, which made more people know the dynamic Enikő, and also discovered art and atmosphere in it. What these two abstract media have in common. In May of this year, with Shanghai as the starting point, handhandhand started this “flash parade” – crossing longitude, latitude and time difference, bringing Enikő’s “ideal place” from Budapest to China.

Transformed into a curator, the Sanshou team selects and exhibits Enikő’s paintings of different periods, collects their whimsy and gorgeous colors, uses the atmosphere as a medium, and constructs a Wonderland that opens up all five senses .

Hand shadow story, kick off the prologue

Hand shadow magic story in collaboration with handhandhand and enikő

Brand official

The collaboration between handhandhand and Enikő began with this hand shadow magic story she created for the brand and the Chinese Year of the Rabbit:

On a night mottled by the moon, the witch fiddled with her hands boredly, projecting different shapes under the shadow of the moon. Leaves, birds, snakes, when the shadow of the hand turned into a rabbit, the witch stopped, looked at its agile ears and eyes, and felt a deep connection with it. The witch decided to use magic to bring it to the real world. Suddenly, a furry rabbit started running, full of life.

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In the name of atmosphere, let culture flow

handhandhand x enikő katalin eged pop-up parade in Shanghai

Brand official

Carefully selected illustrations by handhandhand

Brand official

This is the first time for Enikő to cooperate with a Chinese brand, which also makes her very excited who pays close attention to oriental culture. Ukiyo-e and Fauvism are pervasive in Enikő’s works. Handhandhand carefully selects illustrations from different periods for display, and presents cats she met in ramen shops, horses in her childhood, and flowers and plants in her dreams from her hands. brought to your eyes on the computer screen.

handhandhand x enikő katalin eged flash mob parade

Brand official

In addition to fully presenting the six cartoons of “Hand Shadow Story”, we used projections and hand installations at the other end of the space to simulate the image of the rabbit transformed into a hand shadow.

Pop-up Limited Artist Derivatives

Brand official

Pop-up limited artist derivatives will also be sold on site, presenting Enikő’s whimsy and creative vitality in a variety of ways. While visiting the exhibition, you can also buy artist-illustrated coasters, canvas bags, atmosphere bags and other practical and artistic goodies.

The venue for the pop-up is TOUGH PLANET, which is located in the historical area of ​​Hengfu, Shanghai. From the building itself to the content of the daily space operation, it is also the “ideal place” for this art pop-up.

The coffee area on the first floor of TOUGH PLANET has also prepared limited special blends and small hand-made breads for this flash mob, looking forward to your arrival!

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