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“Happy Boys” Contestant Jaki Tam Opens Up About Battle with Depression and Road to Recovery

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“Happy Boys” Contestant JakiTam Reveals Battle with Depression

JakiTam, also known as Tan Jiexi, a contestant on “Happy Boys,” recently made a candid post about his struggle with depression. The post disclosed a frightening incident where he fainted in the bathroom after exercising and was taken to the hospital by his roommate. After a medical examination, he was diagnosed with depression. However, with the support of his family and fans, JakiTam has now recovered.

Tan Jiexi’s revealing post detailed the hardships he faced, including the struggle to gain recognition for his music and feeling isolated from friends. He described feeling fortunate to have written numerous songs, traveled to many places, and been supported by loving fans. His post expressed heartfelt gratitude towards his fans and roommates for their unwavering support.

Tan Jiexi, also known as Tan Youming, was born in Meizhou, Guangdong in 1988. He is a well-known male singer, actor, and host in Mainland China. Throughout his career, he has participated in various music competitions, hosted TV programs, and starred in numerous films. In 2019, he was honored with the Most Media Recommended Male Singer Award on the New Music Chart.

Looking ahead, Tan Jiexi is set to release his second personal music album, “Jaki is OK,” in 2021.

Source: Minnan.com, Sohu Entertainment
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