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“Happy face” back then is now “like a dream” Hu Huizhong stood on the Poly stage-Entertainment-中工网

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“Happy face” back then is now “like a dream” Hu Huizhong stood on the Poly stage-Entertainment-中工网

Original title: Hours of waiting in the middle of the first line in the prologue (quote)

“Happy face” back then is now “like a dream” Hu Huizhong stood on the Poly stage (theme)

Beijing Youth DailyReporter Guo Jia

More than 40 years ago, “Happy Face” added a pure and elegant heroine to Taiwanese literary films. Today, the woman with outstanding scholarly spirit back then has not been overwhelmed by the years, and is still “beautiful and intelligent”. In the past few days, the Yanghua version of “A Dream Like a Dream”, the first hit stage play after the resumption of work on the Beijing stage, was staged at the Poly Theater. The first person to speak his lines every day was Hu Huizhong, who played the elderly Gu Xianglan.

“I really like the role of the elderly Gu Xianglan”

It was the first time to act in a drama, Hu Huizhong just said lightly, “When fate comes, I have this opportunity to cooperate. Of course, it is the script that impresses me.” Before meeting the producer, Hu Huizhong shed tears while reading the script , “I really like the role of the elderly Gu Xianglan. She recalled every bit of what happened to her when she was young on stage, and she wanted to play it very much when she read the script.”

In her opinion, “The elderly Gu Xianglan has experienced a lifetime of ups and downs, all kinds of love and hatred, grievances, and even after the war, and finally looked down on life and let go. Although she came from a humble background, she was affectionate, righteous, and talented. , it’s just that the environment and the times forced her to take a different path. But she has her own aura and personal dignity, and she can survive in any harsh environment. She said that her sorrow is that she lived too long, but From another perspective, she is a woman with extremely tenacious vitality.”

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“The experience of rehearsing plays has benefited a lot”

She was born as a heroine in a literary film, and later filmed a lot of fight scenes. Hu Huizhong, who has never practiced since childhood, is born with a very soft physique. After training, she has a different world. This time, although she didn’t know the drama stage before, she said that she is a person who is full of curiosity about life, “I like to try different ways of artistic expression, and these dramas are enjoyable and exciting. Seeing the audience’s reaction, but feeling the eager anticipation of the audience on the stage, I like this kind of immediate on-site reaction. And all the cast and crew in the crew are very talented, united and friendly, which makes me feel very happy Warm and happy.”

On the stage, Hu Huizhong narrated Gu Xianglan’s life experience in a soft and whiny Taiwanese accent. Lu Yan, Feng Xianzhen, Shi Ke and many other powerful actors have all played this role. Hu Huizhong began to think about how to play it if he changed to himself when he read the script. “The current way of narrating is not what I thought about at the beginning. Although I was moved when I read the script, I didn’t think about how to act it. I also watched some previous video materials. Later, I went to Beijing to isolate It was only when I had some ideas, that I really knew how to act after I started rehearsing. Although the director gave me a lot of room to play, he also helped me adjust at the right time. Learned a lot from other actors.”

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8 hours is very “grinding” for actors

The 8-hour “Dream Like a Dream” is enjoyable for the audience, but it is very “grinding” for the actors. After finishing the first line and the prologue, the elderly Gu Xianglan will not appear on stage for a long time. During every long wait, Hu Huizhong is reading the script, and occasionally pays attention to the stage through the monitor in the dressing room. dynamic. “I am afraid of forgetting the words, so I have been reading the script, and at the same time I want to design the characters to be more alive.” As for whether the diary that I have been holding in my hand during the performance has my own lines, Hu Huizhong said, “I won’t say that. , we need to imagine for ourselves.”

From “Happy Face” to “A Dream Like a Dream”, Hu Huizhong was quite emotional about the two important nodes in her life, “”Happy Face” is about love, and Gu Xianglan was tortured by the word “love” all her life. In my eyes, she is a beautiful and wise “Gone with the Wind”, this role tells us to cherish the present and not to be too fussy.” As for whether there will be a stage plan in the future, Hu Huizhong said: A good script is the first bits.

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