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Harbin Beer & 88rising Team Up for China’s First ‘Head in the Clouds’ Music Festival: A Sensational Music and Beer Experience

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Harbin Beer & 88rising Team Up for China’s First ‘Head in the Clouds’ Music Festival: A Sensational Music and Beer Experience

Harbin Beer and 88rising to Host China’s First “Head in the Clouds” Music Festival

In an exciting collaboration, Harbin Beer and 88rising, the top international music trend label, are set to create China’s first “Head in the Clouds” music festival. Taking place on September 23-24 at the Music Festival Plaza of Guangzhou Chimelong Resort, the event aims to cool down the heat in Guangzhou with ice-cold beer and a sensational music carnival experience.

Harbin Beer, with its 123 years of history, has become deeply involved in the trendy culture of Generation Z. The brand has successfully attracted the attention of young consumers through innovative activities and marketing cooperation in the fields of music, e-sports, and sports. By resonating with the new generation, Harbin Beer has created a more friendly brand image and has successfully connected with young consumer groups.

On the other hand, 88rising is known as a gathering place for artists and creators with a forward-thinking and pioneering spirit. The “Head in the Clouds” music festival, created by 88rising, has become one of the most influential music festivals among youth groups worldwide. Harbin Beer and 88rising have previously collaborated to perform at the festival in international cities such as Los Angeles, New York, Manila, and Jakarta. This year, the festival will enter the Chinese market for the first time, promising a cool music storm in Guangzhou.

The two-day festival will feature performances by Rich Brian, Ma Siwei, and other 88rising stars and heavyweight musicians. The stage, inspired by the theme of icebergs, will provide a unique and creative ice-cold experience for the audience. Attendees will have the opportunity to enjoy the refreshing taste of Harbin Beer while immersing themselves in the summer music carnival.

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In addition to the music performances, Harbin Beer has created exclusive brand experience areas such as ice basketball, ice swimming pools, and creative ice bars to resonate with music and trend culture lovers. The activity venues, dominated by the cool blue color of Harbin Beer, will provide unlimited youthful interaction and carnival imagination this summer.

To create a more exciting experience, Harbin Beer has collaborated with ROCAWEAR, the American hip-hop OG label founded by rapper JAY-Z. They have designed trendy T-shirts using heavy bead-drilling technology and temperature-sensitive printing that changes color automatically. The festival will also offer a range of co-branded peripheral products such as hats and Frisbees.

Harbin Beer’s participation in the “Head in the Clouds” music festival is another example of its commitment to embracing new things and bold innovation. The brand aims to become the brand that best represents the life attitudes of contemporary young people. With its century-old brand heritage and brewing quality, Harbin Beer continues to set trends in cultural trends and maintains a strong connection with the new generation.

The “Head in the Clouds” music festival not only offers a joyful gathering for music enthusiasts but also showcases the strong collaboration between Harbin Beer and 88rising. By combining the power of music and beer, they aim to create an unforgettable experience for attendees. However, it is important to remember to drink responsibly, as minors are prohibited from drinking.

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