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Hardcore singer Will.T’s first album is on the line, top-level listening “extremely strong” impact jqknews

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Hardcore singer Will.T’s first album is on the line, top-level listening “extremely strong” impact jqknews

Source title: Hardcore singer Will.T’s first album is on the line, top listening “Extremely Strong” impact

Please wear headphones or use a professional audio when auditioning

Hardcore singer Will.T (DMG)’s first solo album “Extremely Strong” is on the line. Extremely strong-fff means “strongest sound”, which was created by well-known music producer Laodao @SMHQ. The Chinese rap music storm of “Extremely Strong” that penetrated the earth swept across. Including Intro, a total of 14 hardcore works take turns to control the irritability, and feat. Ai He AIR, Wang Qiming WatchMe, Lao Dao, heavy weight. The strong rhythm and unbridled attitude are released in the turbulent and turbulent, triggering the auditory hormone impact of “Extremely Strong” during the “Wind and Water”.

The first solo album deduces the ceiling of “hardcore rap”

The whole album condenses the power of “hiphop” and explores the attitude towards life in the music world. In 2020’s “New Rap in China”, Will.T ranked among the top five in the country with his unique musical style and infectious stage, which has attracted wide attention and is known as the strongest dark horse. “Extremely Strong” is Will.T’s first solo album. It is an experimental exploration that is completely different from his appearance and expresses his rap attitude. But Will.T does not stick to the same style, he actively explores new styles and breaks through the “comfort zone”.

The album combines hardcore rap and electronic elements, and pays tribute to the classic Hong Kong series of movies, Will Will.T has become an “all-round rapper” with a variety of styles. The stage is Will.T’s home ground. The ferocity in the album is not the coldness of experimental music, but more about the attitude towards life and the higher requirements of self, which complements Will.T’s iconic “roaring rap”. .

On the stage of “China Rap Showdown”, Will.T took the lead in bringing the two singles “1995” and “Grand Slam” from the album “Extremely Strong”. Impression, after all, he is a madman who rhetorically came to “see if Brother GAI has made progress”. If Will.T used a fire on the stage of “Grand Slam” and ignited the audience; then when performing “1995”, Will Will.T turned into a sharp sword, slashing gold Jie Yu, interpreting the ceiling of “hardcore rap”.

It is worth mentioning that “Extremely Strong” has cooperated with Ai Re AIR, Wang Qiming WatchMe, and Lao Dao. The album includes “Yeeeaaaahhhhh”‘s reply to online remarks, “10000” in the persistence of the original intention of hiphop, and “Jinn”. The arrogance and warning in the mysterious shrouded color, there are also the ideals and aspirations of “Seeking Riches and Noble Risks” and “Being Bigger and Stronger” and the life pursuit of “creating brilliance again”. “I should persevere or go, I don’t need them to nod, no matter their eyes, it will take a few years to harvest, and it will take a few springs and autumns to break through the cocoon, and I still clench my fists.”

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The single “1995” MV pays special tribute to the golden age of Hong Kong movies, and Will.T also interprets his own rap. The lyrics selected extremely iconic Hong Kong landmarks, evoking the memories of a generation. The background furnishings and plots of classic Hong Kong movies instantly make people immersive, as if returning to Hong Kong where street hegemony was at the end of the last century. In the MV, Will.T is the incarnation of Ekin Cheng in 1995. He speaks with action and speaks with ruthlessness. He is the best actor.

Will.T, the king of the scene, is about to start his first solo tour

From the strongest dark horse of “New Rap in China” in 2020, to the representative of domestic hard-core rap today, Will.T conquers the audience through works and stages. His “straight ball” style of performance will always make people excited and bloody. Will.T’s unique voice and highly recognizable music style make him have a strong personal color, which is also a prerequisite for the success of domestic rappers.

Two years ago, Will.T showed his various rap styles on the stage of “New Rap in China”, and “Big Move”, “The Big Tree Moves the Wind” and “The Sun” are still talked about by people today. In the past two years, Will.T has shown remarkable progress after experiencing various stages of tempering. As he himself said, this year he is a brand new “Will 2.0”.

At the beginning of the year, Will.T brought his personal work “Fenglang Juxu” to the Henan Satellite TV “Wulin Style” global kung fu festival.

Then, on the first day of the Lunar New Year’s Day in the Renyin Year of the Lunar Calendar, the DMG team made a collective appearance at the Chinese Spring Festival Gala, singing the tribute song “Common Dream”. Being able to hold hardcore, handle love songs, and even play with the national style, inevitably makes people have more expectations for Will.T.

Will Will.T will hold his first solo tour after the release of the album. When the formula of “Will + Livehouse” is matched, the result on the right side of the equal sign is that the feet are off the ground, and the whole body is soaked, which is an unforgettable live experience that the audience calls out again and again.

People are always full of praise for Will Will.T’s ability to control the scene. In the show “China Rap Peak Showdown”, a critic said Will Will.T is the “god” of the scene.

It is believed that this album will carry Will.T’s strong heart and unique emotional expression, and will eventually soar into the sky.

I hope you who are reading, remember to wear headphones and listen slowly.

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