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Harmony: Non-Professional Teenagers Perform Traditional Chinese Music Drama in Shanghai

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Harmony: Non-Professional Teenagers Perform Traditional Chinese Music Drama in Shanghai

Non-professional Teenagers Perform Instrumental Drama “Harmony” at Wanping Theater

The instrumental drama “Harmony,” performed by non-professional teenagers, took place on the evening of December 10 at the Wanping Theater in Shanghai. The play, the first part of the trilogy of the new theme series “Music Dreamers,” showcased the talent and creativity of young performers, drawing inspiration from traditional Chinese culture.

In “Harmony,” student musician Zhao Xiaohe finds himself in the ancient city of “Taiyi City” in a dream, where the five major families each master a musical instrument and hold a wrestling competition every year called the “Taiyi Music Club.” Through this competition, Zhao Xiaohe comes to understand that musical skills are not about winning or losing, but about progress and harmony – a message that resonated with the audience.

The Shanghai Musicians Association organized the event as part of its youth charity performance brand “Music Dreamers,” with music arranger Li Lin leading the creative efforts. Li Lin spent half a year meticulously selecting traditional Chinese music and re-arranging it to match the characters and plot of the play. He also sought inspiration and advice from the expert tutoring group, including bamboo flute player Wang Shaoqing, to ensure the most expressive power of the instruments on stage.

According to Li Lin, the instrumental musical drama presented a new and challenging stage experience for the eight- and nine-year-old children involved. The performance required not only mastery of music and techniques but also interpretation of the plot and understanding of the characters, providing a deeper understanding of music and collaboration.

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Qiao Jia, the secretary-general of the Shanghai Musicians Association, highlighted the benefits of creating a charity performance with music students as the protagonists. It not only allowed the students to immerse themselves in the performance and improve their skills but also deepened their understanding of Chinese traditional instruments and national music.

The performance of “Harmony” at the Wanping Theater in Shanghai was a testament to the creativity, talent, and dedication of the non-professional teenagers involved, as well as the efforts of the Shanghai Musicians Association to promote and preserve Chinese traditional music.

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